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Are Russian Mail Order Brides Real?

Are mail order brides real? This is a question I've begun to ask myself. There are a number of questions that need to be addressed:

  • Can you buy a Russian bride?
  • Are the women on mail order bride sites real?
  • Are the women on these sites really interested in becoming mail order brides?

Onto the first question - can you buy a Russian bride? Of course the answer to this is no - women aren't for sale unless you use a people trafficker. And if you're a Western man seeking a Russian, Asian or Latin mail order bride then you'll be highly unlikely to make use of one of these shady networks.

So you can't really buy a Russian bride. However, you might consider using the services of a marriage agency. If you use one of these then of course they'll charge for their services. But this is nothing out of the ordinary - there are thousands of matchmakers and introduction agencies in the USA and they'll charge you for meeting their members.

It's also worth pointing out that you can't just order a bride online and wait for her to arrive at your local airport. Immigration authorities are very strict about foreign brides now. You'll be unlikely to get a green card or residency visa for a women you've never even met.

As to the second question - are women on mail order brides sites real? Oh this is a more murky question to answer. I'm sorry to say that many of the Russian mail order bride sites are very questionable. Often they'll lure you in with sexy models on the home page. While these ladies might actually appear in the personals listings, don't think you ever have a chance of dating them!

What is equally disturbing is the plenty of fake profiles on dating sites. These are most common on so called letter writing sites. These sites are free to join but you have to pay to send or sometimes to receive a letter from a Russian woman. The problem is that this business model is fatally flawed from the man's point of view. If a website invents fake profiles then it makes more money, simple as that.

Now I'm not going to libel any particular sites but do some reading on romance forums and you'll see plenty of convincing evidence that there are suspicious goings on with pretty much all of the letter writing sites. My advice to you would be to use letter writing sites if you want (they do after all make it easy to write to women who don't speak or write much English). But don't send more than 5 letters to a lady without seeing her on webcam. If she turns down your request for a webcam session then I'm sorry but she might not be real.

And by the way, don't take IMBRA laws as an excuse for not getting a lady's contact details. Another wheeze the sites use is to make you think that internet access is difficult and expensive in Russia and countries such as the Ukraine. These sites generally play on the average American man's perceptions as the rest of the world being technologically backward. Well I have news for you - I've been to the USA and China and I have to say that Internet infrastructure in China seemed much more modern than in the USA. I also know dozens of Filipinas who are on Facebook. Pretty much the whole world is wired up these days, and it's very easy to find Russian ladies who have internet access at home or in work.

Onto the third question, and it's another issue that troubles me. You'll find that a lot of foreign ladies add themselves to international dating sites like Russian Euro or Ukraine Date even if they're not sure that they want to find a foreign husband, or even if they want a husband at all. Be wary of these ladies - I know I keep attracting them to me for some reason and they can be a nightmare. So if you want your Russian bride to move to your country, then bring up the subject very early in conversation. Also make sure they want the same thing as you do - I've chatted to plenty of women who just seemed to want a platonic relationship with a Western man, and in their own little world they seem blissfully unaware that you might want to have sex with them at some stage!

Thankfully there are some great Russian ladies on Russian dating sites. But as a man looking for a foreign bride you need to be aware that sorting out the ladies who are genuine and who really want to marry a Western man for the right reasons is going to be harder and more stressful than you ever imagined.


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