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Caribbean Cupid Dating Site Overview

Caribbean Cupid is an online dating site where you can meet and chat to beautiful Caribbean men and women online. Here's a brief review of this popular niche dating website.

Although men traditionally seek mail order brides from either Russia or South East Asia, American men in particular are getting increasingly interested in foreign ladies closer to home. It's a lot less distance to travel, and Caribbean women will find it much easier to adjust to American culture. Caribbean women are famous for their exotic dark skinned looks and fabulous figures. The Caribbean is of course also a fabulous vacation destination in itself, so you can combine a fabulous beach vacation with meeting beautiful ladies at the same time.

Why Choose Caribbean Cupid?

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Cupid Media runs a whole range of similarly named niche dating sites that focus on singles in particular parts of the world. Caribbean Cupid is just one site amongst many that cover the Central and South American dating scene.

Caribbean Cupid has a free standard membership scheme. Unlike many other dating sites, there's no time limit on this membership plan. Free members cannot contact other free members, and since most ladies can sign up for free, if you're a man then you'll have to take out a subscription. The advantages of being a Gold or Platinum member are that your profile becomes more visible on the site, so you'll attract plenty of admirers!

Beyond the costs, Caribbean Cupid also has some great facilities. The search engine is very good, and it's easy to tailor your searches to find the Caribbean girl of your dreams. Once you've found somebody you like you can view their personal profile and send them interest. For a better chance of a response you can send an email to them or chat online through the site. Sometimes you'll get a lot of admirers, so you can hide your online status so you don't get bombarded with chat requests from people you're not interested in.

All of the Cupid Media sites like Caribbean Cupid attract some very high quality members. There are plenty of professional ladies on Caribbean Cupid and the other Cupid Media sites, so it's much more than a mail order brides site. The Cupid Media sites tend to attract ladies with their own computers at home or at the office, so they sign themselves up to the sites instead of relying on a marriage agency to do it on their behalf.

Caribbean Cupid Scammers

Sadly online dating sites attract undesirable types. It's a problem on dating sites where the women can sign up for free and there aren't mandatory identity checks. The Cupid Media sites seem safer than most sites (particularly the many 100% free dating sites available). However, it's best to take precautions. It's good to be suspicious of ladies who contact you first. If they give their email address or MSN name in the first email then you should be suspicious. It's better to only chat to them through the site itself, as Caribbean Cupid can monitor communication patterns for signs of suspicious activity. Once you've got to know a lady and you're reasonably sure she's not a scammer then you can move onto standard email or phone calls. Skype is another good option as it enables you to verify that the lady does actually exist.

Most scammers are after money. Never send money to any women you meet through dating sites. Also be suspicious of women who want to meet you in another country, and any women who seem really eager and profess their undying love for you after just 2 emails.

Most of the scammers are younger ladies, so it's usually best to avoid the Caribbean girls who are in the 18-26 age range. Yes they're a lot of fun, but they're not always good candidates for marriage.

Alternatives to Caribbean Cupid

There are plenty of other Central and South American dating sites. If you're not specifically looking for a Caribbean bride then it's maybe better to register for either Latin Euro or Latin American Cupid. These sites are both run by the same company as Caribbean Cupid. Both of these sites have members from all over Central and Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you're worried about dating site scammers then why not meet sexy Central American girls in person? Companies such as A Foreign Affair and Anastasia run regular romance tours to Central and South American countries. It might also be worth searching for a Caribbean introduction agency that can provide a more personalised level of service.

Other alternatives to Caribbean Cupid if you're interested in finding a foreign bride include heading to either Russia or Asia. There's a shortage of men in Russia, so you'll have no shortage of beautiful Russian ladies to meet online using a site such as Russian Euro. Asian ladies from countries such as China, Thailand and the Philippines can make loving and devoted wives.

So if you're interested in finding your dream Caribbean girl for romance and marriage, then sign up to Caribbean Cupid's free membership plan and see if the site is for you.


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