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Chinese Mail Order Brides

The Russian Dating Sites Guide contains plenty of information about finding a Russian bride. But what if you're not sure about finding a mail order bride from Russia? Are Russian ladies the greatest ladies on the planet, or is it better to seek a bride from another country? Here's a quick overview of an increasingly popular alternative - that of the Chinese bride for a Western man.

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The biggest advantage the Western man has when seeking a Chinese wife is the choice. China's population is vast - over 1.3 billion at the last count. Add to that all the people of Chinese descent who are living in Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia and that's even more Chinese ladies to choose from. And that's before you even include the significant Chinese communities in the USA and Canada. So its safe to say that you could find your dream wife amongst those millions of people, although finding her might take some effort!

Contrary to what most people think about the Chinese, Chinese people are actually vary variable in appearance. The ladies from the Southern Provinces bordering Hong Kong and Vietnam tend to be shorter and with darker skin. Ladies from the North (around Beijing) tend to be taller with lighter skin. There has been significant internal economic migration within China, so you can find ladies of all shapes and sizes in pretty much every Chinese city.

If you like Russian ladies then it's worth checking out ladies from China's more Northerly provinces, or the bordering countries like Kazakhstan. In fact man ladies in Kazakhstan look Chinese but speak Russian, so you might get the best of both worlds with these exotic beauties. On the downside, it can be hard to travel to these more remote corners of the globe. The winters around this region can be bitterly cold, with Chinese cities such as Harbin being famous for their freezing weather.

Finding a Chinese wife is easy - there are tens of thousands of Chinese ladies on sites such as Chnlove. On the downside, not many of them speak English. Learning Mandarin or Cantonese is not that easy, so the language barrier can be considerable. While true love knows no barriers, it's important to remember that Western countries are making it increasingly harder to get fiancé or marriage visas, and if your lady doesn't speak a word of English then you might struggle to get her a visa.

One good thing about Chinese dating is that there seem to be a lot fewer scam ladies on Chinese dating sites than there are on the Russian dating sites. Of course that's not to say that you won't encounter scammers - for some reason there are many scam ladies who live in Nanning. And while it's rare for a Chinese lady to ask you for money like a Thai or Filipino woman often does, Chinese dating has its own particular hazards.

Chinese people are very family orientated. If her family don't like you then your chance of a successful marriage is slim. Some Chinese families get carried away with their new found Western family member, and you'll get ludicrous demands for cash. The cultural differences between Chinese and Western people are also immense, and a relationship with a Chinese woman can be tough going at times.

It's important to bear in mind that Chinese ladies are a lot different to many of the Thai or Filipino ladies you'll see on mail order brides themed websites. The Chinese ladies on dating sites tend to be from the middle to upper reaches of Chinese society, and they are rarely poor farmers or factory workers. The Chinese ladies on dating sites may not always have much money by Western standards, but they are often educated and have good jobs in China. Increasing numbers have their own computers at home, and they know enough English to sign up for dating sites in search of a foreign husband. In fact I've chatted to Chinese ladies who have started businesses, gotten degrees from Western universities and who have traveled extensively overseas. Mail order brides these are not!

So if you're interested in finding a Chinese mail order bride then where do you meet them? Chinese dating sites include Cherry Blossoms dating, Heart of Asia Online, Chinese Kisses and Chinese Love Links. There are plenty of English speakers on these sites. Alternatively try the free site DateInAsia. Be wary of pay per letter sites like Chnlove - the Russian letter writing sites are expensive and so are the Asian ones.


Sam Reeves on 03 January 2012
This is a nice summary on Chinese brides and dating Chinese women. As you've highlighted, finding the right Chinese bride that can speak English can be difficult sometimes, and in my own experience, if they can speak English competently, they often have a great deal of attention already. Having said that, there are literally millions of Chinese women available, and serious about marriage, and loyal too, if you pick the right one. Sam

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