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Dating After Divorce - Time for an Russian Wife?

There's a lot of interest in second time around dating these days. Increasing numbers of people are starting to think that one partner for life is unrealistic, given how much people change over the years.

If you're a separated or divorced man and you want to find another woman, then you're in luck! Older single men seem to be pretty scarce these days, so you'll have plenty of women to choose from - especially in Russian or Eastern Europe. And the other great advantage is that you'll be older and wise the second time around, and with any luck you'll avoid the gold diggers, cheats and other dangerous women lurking out there.

Increasing numbers of men are choosing to date Russian women after their divorce. Why is this so, and are Eastern European women the answer to dating after divorce?

Generally, men tend to be interested in Russian women for a number of reasons, which include:

  • There are large numbers of Russian women available who are looking for husbands. Are there no men in Eastern Europe? Look on a dating site and it would appear not!
  • There is a perception that Russian women don't mind marrying older men.
  • Western men often think that Russian women are generally "hot".
  • Men tend to think that Russian women are "better" than Western women, i.e. there will be less gold diggers, shopaholics or those women who marry you, have your children then divorce you (and often taking your house as well).

So, there are a lot of issues here.

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As far as age difference go, sure some Russian women do prefer to marry much older men. But they are usually in the minority. A 5 - 10 years age difference is more common. However, the reality is that the laws of supply and demand mean that there are many more Russian women than there are Western men looking for Russian brides. So if a woman wants a better chance of finding a husband then she has to be realistic about the age difference. This is particularly so for older women. Thanks to the odd war, poor diet and a lot of vodka, life expectancy for Eastern European and Russian men is very low. So older Russian women often have no choice but to look for a husband in a different country.

Are Russian women better than Western women? A lot of this is the grass is greener/other side of the fence syndrome. In reality there are good and bad women everywhere. Maybe Russian women are generally better than Western women. Russian men will tell you a different story to what you'll generally hear on Russian dating sites. Unfortuntely on the average Russian dating sites you'll find thousands of gold diggers, shopaholics and women who will bleed your wallet dry. And that's before mentioning the scammers, cam girls and con artists. As a man you need to be exceedingly careful when venturing into the world of online dating.

As far as attractiveness goes, well since the Iron Curtain came down Russian ladies seemed to have been transformed!

When it comes to finding Russian ladies to chat to - that's the easiest part really. There are plenty of Russian dating websites where you can meet ladies suitable for second time around dating. It's not so easy to find older ladies who know much English however. Sites like Foreign Ladies, Natasha Club and Anastasia Web have built in translation services, but they are pretty expensive. It's cheaper to use sites like Russian Euro or Ukraine Date, but you might have to put up with some translation problems.

So as you can see Russian ladies could be an attractive proposition for gentlemen interested in dating after divorce. One final point: Russian dating is not the easy option for second time around dating. Finding an Russian bride is stressful and hard work, but find the right lady and you won't regret it.


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