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Where to Find African Women for Marriage

Here's some information if you're interested in seeking African women for marriage. Whether you're a man seeking an African mail order bride, an African man seeking a girl from Africa, or just someone who is interested in interracial dating then here are some options for African dating.

Why Do Men Like African Women?

The internet has made it easier to find love overseas. Many people like the idea of finding a foreign partner. Opposites attract, and finding somebody who is a lot different racially and culturally than yourself has a lot of attractions.

In countries like the United Kingdom, children of interracial marriages are actually one of the fastest growing ethnic groups. Wander around a multicultural city like London and you'll see white women with black men, white men with black women, Asian men with white women and so on.

African women are popular with men who:

  • Like the idea of an interracial marriage.
  • African American men who are interested in finding stunningly beautiful brides from their country of origin.
  • Increasing numbers of educated African men from countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia are increasingly turning to the internet to find their ideal African wife.

Where to Find African Women for Marriage?

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There are an increasing number of African mail order bride themed websites. They have names like AfricanPrincess or AfricaBeauties. There's nothing really wrong with these sites. However, before you get too involved with a lady on the site, just be careful as some mail order brides websites are expensive. Sites to be particularly wary of are those that charge you each time you send or receive a letter from a lady. Sometimes these sites have a translation service and offer extras like assistance with applying for a fiancé visa. But you'll still end up paying even if the African woman you're contacting speaks excellent English.

About the best African dating site is Afrointroductions. This site has a lot of members, so you'll always find plenty of beautiful black women to date. The site is very popular with young professionals, and it's a great site to find educated black women. Many of the members have college or University degrees, speak and write very good English and are high achievers in their home towns. Just bear in mind that not every member of the site is marriage minded - some of the ladies are just seeking penpals or want a bit of romance in their lives.

Cupid Media run Afrointroductions as well as a lot of other niche interracial dating sites. The sites have a very similar layout but you need to sign up to each site separately. If you're a South African seeking love then you might be better off signing up to South African Cupid. If you're specifically interested in partners seeking an interracial marriage then you might also be better off checking out Interracial Cupid.

Problems with African Dating

A particular problem with African dating is that there are a whole army of African men on dating sites who are looking for victims to scam money out of. These men used to send the notorious 419 advanced fee fraud emails. But increasingly they are turning their attention to dating sites. They look for victims who might be gullible, and they know that love struck men and women usually let down their guard. Don't be a victim yourself. Never send money to anyone you meet on an African dating site (or any other dating site for that matter).

Many of the scammers are from West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. Many of the scams are fairly easy to spot. However, love often clouds our judgment, and before you know it you've sent all your life savings via Western Union to a small town in Nigeria.

A particular problem with African dating sites is that they often allow the African women to sign up for free. This means they can often sign up to loads of different sites and assume a range of different personalities. Free dating sites are particularly hazardous as they often have very basic checks on identity. Afrointroductions has some good anti-fraud measures. However, the Cupid Media sites do attract plenty of ladies I am suspicious about. The biggest red flag for me is ladies who contact me and give me their email address in the first email they send me. My top tip is to find the ladies you want to chat to, and if they're playing hard to get, well then they're much more likely to be real marriage minded African women.

So if you're interested in meeting African women for marriage then there are various options available. Just be aware that there are plenty of scammers out there. But take your time and you'll soon learn to sort the decent African women from the scammers and various other time wasters.


Steven on 05 June 2011
I like you to help in the bringing about a new and creative way to help others find real people and real marriage partners. My site at marryingghana gives more detail and am creating the first way to meet people by first interviewing each potential mate in person in africa for those in the U.S looking for a mate.

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