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Latin Cupid Dating Site Overview

The Russian Dating Sites Guide has plenty of information about finding Russian mail order brides. But Russian wives have a number of problems, including:

  • The language barrier. Russian is not an easy language to learn, and not all Russian ladies can speak much English. On Russian dating sites, the English speaking ladies tend to be much more popular as well.
  • Russia is a long way from the USA and Canada, and it's not an easy place to travel to in order to meet a lady you've met online.
  • There are huge problems with scams and scammers. In fact many people in Russia make a living out of running various online dating scams. And once you've avoided the money scammers, you might well run into the green card scammers.
  • Russian ladies can have difficulties adjusting to American culture.

So it's not surprising that increasing numbers of men are choosing to look for a Latin bride instead.

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There are plenty of Latin dating sites where you can meet and chat to Latin women online. The major problem is that many websites are expensive. Sites like Foreign Ladies com charge you each time you send or receive a letter from a lady. This cost can very quickly mount up. By contrast, Latin Cupid has a fixed membership fee. Sign up for the monthly fee (or pay for annual membership and receive a big discount) and you can chat to as many ladies as you can handle.

Like many dating sites, Latin Cupid has a completely free standard membership. Unlike other sites, there's no time limit on this membership plan. The catch is that free members cannot contact other free members. Invariably the female members of Latin Cupid have all signed up for free, so as a man you have no choice but to pay for membership of the site. The good news is that once you sign up for Gold or Platinum membership your profile becomes much more visible on the site, so you'll attract plenty of admirers. This is great for the ego - we all need to feel wanted!

Beyond the costs, Latin Cupid also has some great facilities. The search engine is very good, and it's easy to tailor your searches to find the Latin girl of your dreams. Once you've found somebody you like you can view their personal profile and send them interest. For a better chance of a response you can send an email to them or chat online through the site.

All of the Cupid Media sites like Latin Cupid appear to attract some high quality members. There are plenty of professional ladies on Latin Cupid. Many of them speak some or a lot of English, so you probably won't need to use the site's built in English to Portuguese or Spanish language translation feature. These beautiful Latin women are way beyond what most people traditionally think of as being mail order brides! You might even find professional ladies on the site who have a better career than you do.

Latin Cupid Scammers

All dating sites attract a fair number of scammers. Lonely people looking for love make excellent victims, and dating site fraud is on the increase. Make sure you don't fall victim by being on the lookout for scammers. Most scammers are after money. Don't send any money to somebody you meet on a site such as Latin Cupid. Don't even send small amounts, as these women are skilled at getting you to part with ever increasing amounts of cash. It's also a good idea to be careful when handing out personal details. And of course it's vital to be careful when travelling to anywhere in Central or South America.

Alternatives to Latin Cupid

There are plenty of other South American dating sites. Cupid Media themselves run a series of country specific Latin dating sites. Try Colombian Cupid, Brasil Cupid or Caribbean Cupid. These sites are probably a better choice if you're specifically interested in finding a Latin wife from a particular country. The downside is that you have to take out a subscription to each site separately, so choose your country wisely.

If you're worried about dating site scammers then why not meet Latin girls in person? Companies such as AFA (A Foreign Affair) run regular marriage tours to Central and South American countries. Since many of these countries have a reputation for high levels of violent crime, there may be safety in numbers, so think about joining a tour rather than being a lone traveller. AFA normally visits Columbia, Peru and Costa Rica, with several trips being planned each year. Anastatia also run marriage tours, as do AmoLatina.

So if you're interested in finding your dream Latin girl for romance and marriage, then sign up to Latin Cupid's free membership plan and see if the site is for you.


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