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Russian Dating Frequently Asked Questions (Part 6)

Can You Buy a Russian Wife Online?

The simple answer to this is no - well, unless you're using some sort of dubious people trafficking network. And these networks do exist - tens of thousands of women from impoverished European countries like Moldova are often trafficked overseas.

But in general it's not possible to buy a Russian wife. Obviously many Russian women are attracted to wealthy men. But there are plenty of Western women who also like wealthy men. Salaries in countries like Russia are much lower than in the United States. But then the cost of living is also much lower. Living standards across Eastern Europe are also rising, with increasing numbers of good jobs available for women. Consequently Russian women are much less reliant on men as they were in the past, and increasing numbers of Russian women are finding out that they can have a good lifestyle without having to get married.

Can You Find Russian Women in the USA?

Finding a Russian wife or girlfriend from Russia is stressful and time consuming. So can you cut out the long distance relationship woes and find a Russian bride in the USA? The simple answer is that yes, of course you can. There are plenty of single Russian ladies in the USA. Look for them on any of the larger dating sites. Russian ladies tend to be more numerous in certain larger cities. US cities with large populations of Russian and Eastern European women include New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle.

So do men like to find these Russian women already in the USA? In general my experience is that men seeking a foreign bride tend to prefer finding her overseas. I guess this appeals to man's status as a hunter. And speaking from personal experience, it's a very thrilling experience signing up to a foreign dating site, trying to communicate with a lady who doesn't speak good English, then getting on that plane and visiting her in her own country.

Men also have a perception that Russian women already in the USA are too Westernised. This is true to some extent, especially if they were born in the USA. However, these days the foreign ladies in most countries are much more Westernised than you might expect. In fact, newly wealthy middle class people in Russia and other emerging economies can be even worse shopaholics than Westerners! So don't have unrealistic expectations of Russian women from Russia itself.

What's the Best Russian Mail Order Bride Catalog?

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In the days before the Internet was widespread, it used to be possible to order a bride catalog from a mail order bride company. These days the Internet has changed foreign dating forever. Mail order bride printed catalogs are largely a thing of the past. The internet allows men and women to sign up to dating websites, bypassing the many marriage agencies who used to make money from matchmaking Western men with Russian and Asian mail order brides.

There are however many mail order bride themed websites. Obviously the name mail order bride is misleading. These days immigration authorities are much stricter about foreign brides, so to get your new bride a visa or green card you'll need to supply evidence that your relationship is genuine.

If you're interested in finding a Russian bride, then generally speaking less is more when it comes to bride catalogs. Look for websites that don't have tens of thousands of ladies listed. Many of these ladies are duplicated, already married or even worse they might be scammers. It's better to look for a site that just lists 300 ladies at most. This means that the ladies are much more likely to have been hand picked for suitability as brides for Western men. These sites are often run more as introduction agencies rather than dating sites. They often charge more, but you'll get a higher standard of service, and in some cases personalised matchmaking suggestions.

Avoiding Bad Russian Girls on Russian Dating Sites

Online dating can be hazardous regardless of what country your potential partners are from. If you want any confirmation of this then login to PlentyOfFish and spot how many nightmare people there are on it. I would guess that 75% of women on PlentyOfFish should be avoided at all costs. Women I'm talking about include:

  • Single parents who are obviously looking for a man to bring up someone else's kids.
  • Narcissistic women and those with other personality disorders.
  • Ladies who need to shop for XXXL clothing.
  • Sex addicts.
  • Prostitutes.
  • Cougars.

Of course some of these ladies will be great, but I'm not in the market for any of them at present.

So why should it be any different on Russian dating sites? Do a lot of talking to foreign ladies and you'll soon find out that there are plenty of bad girls that should be avoided at all costs. The problem is that in an unfamiliar culture it can be hard to spot them. But in general, when you're using a Russian dating site to chat to Russian girls you should try to take things slowly. Building trust is essential, so you can determine if they're likely to be faithful. It's also essential to shake out those ladies who aren't really serious about finding a husband. The problem is that most Russian dating sites are free for ladies to join, so they have nothing to lose by signing up except for a couple of hours of their time.

You'll also get contacted by a lot of timewasters. On dating sites I've been contacted by women 20 years younger as well as 20 years older than myself!

Of course there are also plenty of bad scammers on dating sites. Thankfully there's not too bright and once you've encountered one scammer you'll quickly learn to recognise them. But despite this dating scams are one of the fastest growing online scams, so many men (and also women) are clearly not getting the message about being extremely careful about trusting people you meet online. Don't let it happen to you.


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