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Spanish Mail Order Brides - An Alternative to Russian Women?

Although Russian brides are popular, increasing numbers of men are moving away from the Russian mail order bride scene due to worries about the vast numbers of scammers that plague Russian dating sites. An alternative is to look to finding a Spanish mail order bride.

Although there are of course lots of lovely Spanish ladies in Spain, most men looking for Spanish mail order brides tend to head for Central and South America. Countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Brazil are full of single women looking for husbands. These women are often fed up with the men in their own country. Remember the Peruvian miners stuck down the mine for several weeks. Several of them had mistresses! No wonder so many Hispanic women dream of meeting a nice American man.

If you're an American guy then it's also much more convenient to travel to Latin America, compared to Russia or Asia. On top of that, Hispanic women will find that Spanish is quite widely spoken throughout the USA, so they'll find it much easier to adjust to your culture.

Latin Dating Sites

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There are numerous Asian and Russian foreign bride websites. But there are also plenty of Latin dating sites as well.

In the past, if you wanted a mail order bride then you usually had to sign up to an introduction agency. Nowadays the internet makes it possible for ladies with internet access at home or at work to sign themselves up to dating sites. Many dating sites are also anxious to capture a slice of the Hispanic and Latin dating scene. So while many of the dating sites cater for women seeking Western husbands, the sites are also popular with South Americans looking for partners in their own country.

Popular Latin dating sites where you'll find plenty of Hispanic women looking for American men include Latin Euro and Latin American Cupid. There are tens of thousands of beautiful Latin women's profiles on these sites. The women on these sites are often much more than Latin mail order brides. Many have good jobs in their countries, and often have good educations. In fact some of the women you'll meet on these sites are often better educated and better dressed than American women you might meet in your own area. If you know that you want to find a Latina from Brazil or another country then there are also a range of country specific Latin dating sites - Brazil Cupid and Columbian Cupid are two such sites.

Some of the women on these Latin dating sites are hot! While it's easy to get distracted by sexy Latinas wearing skimpy thongs and swim wear, just remember to focus on the lady, and not what she is (or isn't wearing). Don't be put off by the sexiest ladies. Ladies who wear revealing outfits are often more serious about finding a partner than their demure sisters. In general, Latin women are also a lot less inhibited than women from Asia.

Spanish Bride Romance Tours

Latin American countries have a reputation for having fairly high crime rates. So if you like the idea of meeting South American women with a more personal matchmaking touch then it's worth looking into the group tours run by international introductions agencies. There are a few marriage agencies in Costa Rican and other cities throughout the region. A company that runs a number of escorted tours for men searching of a Latin wife include A Foreign Affair (LoveMe). If you can't get time off from work to accompany them on one of the regular tours, then they will also do personal introductions to beautiful Latin women registered with them.

So if you're scared of the many Russian dating site scams operating, then why not consider a Spanish bride? Many men are discovering the delights of Spanish ladies, so why not sign up to a Latin dating site and see what you're missing?



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