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Finding Ukrainian Single Ladies for Romance and Marriage is a Ukrainian mail order brides website where you can meet Ukrainian single ladies for romance and marriage. So is this a good Ukrainian dating website, and what alternatives are there?

Ukraine Singles is one of many Russian and Ukrainian dating sites operated by A Foreign Affair. The company has many different identities and is commonly also known as AFA and LoveMe. They are one of the biggest players in the mail order brides scene.

First of all Russian and Ukrainian dating is notorious for scams. But be rest assured that A Foreign Affair is a legitimate USA based company, so at least their websites are genuine.

Like all AFA's sites, Ukraine Singles has a fairly basic search facility. You can search for ladies by height and weight, their location and a few other criteria. If you specifically want a Ukrainian girl for marriage then you can specify that you just want to see Ukrainian girls in the search results. It's also possible to just find single Ukrainian women in a particular region of the country, such as the Kiev, Crimea or Odessa region. This is useful if you're thinking of arranging a trip to meet ladies in a particular city.

The Ukraine Singles website also shows you mail order brides from other countries, including Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Uzbekistan. Even more bizzarely, if you don't tick the right boxes you'll also end up with ladies from Asia and Latin America! Lovely though these ladies are, it's odd to see them on a Ukrainian dating site. Actually, this is the case on most of AFA's dating sites, and reflects their global standing in the market for foreign brides.

Although many men like the idea of Russian brides, they usually end up marrying Ukraine girls. If you have a good look at the profiles on Russian dating sites then you'll realise that many of the ladies aren't Russian at all but are from the Ukraine. Don't be too worried though. Ukrainian girls look pretty much identical to Russian girls. Ukrainian girls also speak Russian, so there's little to choose between Ukrainian and Russian ladies.

So is Ukraine Singles a good website for seeking Ukraine girls for marriage? AFA are a legitimate corporation. They have a better reputation than a lot of the other Russian and Ukrainian dating sites. However, there are plenty of men who have had less than good experiences. The problems are often due to the local offices in Russia and the Ukraine, who don't always keep to business standards that are expected of in Western countries. Another issue is that there are large number of ladies on AFA's dating sites. This makes it administration difficult - less is usually more when it comes to dating agencies. Personally I've seen duplicate profiles on AFA's selection of Asian ladies. While this may be an administrative oversight, it's not good to see on a site where you have to pay to contact each lady. One other issue that surfaces time and time again is that it can be difficult to request the contact details of a lady so you can chat to her outside of the AFA letter writing system. Sadly a lot of dating sites are using IMBRA regulations as an excuse to make it difficult to write to ladies without having to pay for expensive letter writing services. So be careful with this one as well.

One tip many AFA customers have is that it's often cheaper to contact the ladies via the Foreign website. Do a little bit of digging and you'll often find the same ladies on Foreign Ladies and the various AFA sites.

Tours to Ukraine

One service offered by Ukraine Singles are tours to Ukraine. These so-called romance tours allow you to visit the Ukraine or Russia on an escorted tour. On the tour, as well as doing some sightseeing, you'll also attend 2-3 social events where you'll get to meet dozens of marriage minded Ukrainian and Russian ladies looking for Western husbands. AFA supply interpreters and translators should you be interested in dating a Ukrainian single woman who doesn't speak much English.

AFA's tours are fairly expensive, and they're certainly much more expensive than booking a trip yourself on a travel website such as Expedia. But the good thing about romance tours is that you can get to meet ladies in person. So at least you know you're meeting a lady who actually exists. Read the many stories of men who have been supposedly dating Ukraine girls who don't actually exist, and you'll see that a tour could be a better alternative to online dating.

Alternatives to Ukraine Singles

There are a lot of Russian dating sites out there. Most of them have a lot of Ukrainian ladies on them, in fact many have more Ukrainian than Russian ladies. Ukraine Date is Cupid Media's Ukraine dating site, they also operate the very popular Russian Euro. Both sites have a reasonable subscription fee which allows you to chat to as many women as you can handle. On sites like these it's essential to be on the lookout for Ukrainian dating scammers. Be wary of falling in love with Ukrainian girls you chat to on the site, and never send them money. Stick to these rules and you're unlikely to get scammed.

Elena's Models is another site with a fairly good reputation. Again, the subscription fee is reasonable. If you want to date Ukraine girls then you'll find hundreds of them listed on this site.

If it's romance tours you're interested in then Anastasia and a couple of other companies offer romance tours of Ukraine and Russia. Anastasia's tours are pretty expensive, so you have to be reasonably certain you want an Eastern European wife before you book on one.


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