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Finding Young Russian Brides for Marriage

Increasing numbers of Western men are choosing to find foreign wives. So how do you go about finding a young Russian bride? Is it even a good idea to marry a Russian lady who is much younger than you are? Here's what you need to know about dating younger Russian ladies.

Finding Young Russian Brides

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There are loads of Russian dating sites where you can meet young Russian women. Many of the sites have names like Hot Russian Brides or Bikini Models or Sexy Ukrainian Women or some sort of other name that lures you in with photos of scantily clad young Russian girls.

One thing to be careful with when using a Russian dating site is that many of these sites are expensive. Sites to be particularly wary of are those that charge for webcam services by the minute, or charge you for each letter you write to a Russian lady. It's often better to use a flat rate subscription site. Sites like RussianEuro or UkraineDate will charge you a flat rate fee for Gold or Platinum membership, and for that you can email as many ladies as you like.

Also bear in mind that scammers are common on Russian dating sites. They're usually after money, and will tell you all sorts of sad stories in order to get you to send them money. Never send money to any lady on a Russian dating site, or you will regret it later. Successful men on Russian dating sites are those who keep things business-like and don't fall in love with a Russian bride until at least they've met them in person.

Dating agencies are an alternative. There are a number with offices in Russia and former Soviet countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. Often you can visit their offices and meet the ladies in person. This is a good approach, especially if you can take time off work and spend 2-3 months in Eastern Europe.

Does a Big Age Difference Matter?

Travel to most countries of the world and you'll usually see that the local people find partners close to their own age. So it's best to be realistic when looking for a bride from Russia, or any other country for that matter.

Generally speaking you're usually better off seeking a Russian bride who is no more than seven years older than yourself. If the lady is over 35 then you can often increase this age difference by a few years.

Of course there are exceptions! I've heard plenty of happy marriages between older Western men and much younger Russian women. Sometimes it does work. But bear in mind that the success stories are often overshadowed by the many bad experiences that men have in marrying young Russian brides.

The Best Russian Brides

So what are the best Russian brides if you're looking for a younger wife from Russia?

In my experience it's usually best to avoid ladies on dating sites who are 25 or younger. Often these girls are just looking for somebody to chat to rather than a serious long term relationship. These younger women are also far more likely to be scammers.

Given my experiences of Chinese dating, I have to say that the younger Russian ladies you want to look for are professional ladies with good office lady type jobs. They may be secretaries or translators. They may work for foreign multinational companies. They have often traveled overseas, either on a vacation or on business. They have a good income, and don't need to marry in order to survive. They're usually to be found in the larger cities, so set your sights on Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev or one of the larger Russian or former Soviet cities.

These ladies often work very hard, so they don't have much time for playing games or scamming men. They've also often too busy to find husbands. Men in most countries don't usually like to marry ladies with better jobs and prospects than themselves. So I like the fact that these ladies can genuinely find it hard to find a husband in their own country, and that they're not just looking for a green card or visa to a Western country. These ladies aren't what most people would think of as mail order brides.

The other good thing about these ladies is that they often speak English, and have access to a computer at home or at work. This means that they can sign themselves up to Russian dating sites, so you can cut out all the dodgy Russian marriage agencies at a stroke. Because you can write to them in English, it also means that you can have a much easier task of finding out their character and whether they're honest.

The downside is that these ladies can be more choosy about their choice of husband. You're likely to experience a much higher rate of rejection when approaching these ladies. But on foreign dating sites rejection is a good thing. It means that the ladies are not desperate to marry anyone who comes along, and that they're thinking about the type of partner they want. This is the foundations of a successful marriage to a Russian lady.

So if you're interested in finding a young Russian bride then sign up to one of the many Russian dating sites and see if you like what you see. But keep your head and don't get carried away with the idea that a 20 year old Russian model is the best wife for you.


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