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Russian Dating Sites Guide - Date Beautiful Russian Brides Online

Welcome to the Russian Dating Sites Guide. Have you got a question about Russian women dating? You've come to the right place!

This website aims to be a comprehensive guide to dating Russian and other Eastern European women. Russian online dating can be complicated and problematic when you're just starting out.

Many people in the US are unaware that there is a niche market of dating Russian women that are seeking love like any other American bride. In fact, Russian women looking to get married far outnumber US women. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that Russian culture is not as westernized as the US culture, and so it is much more difficult to find an American wife. Many women wanting to get married to a foreign man, or who want a truly multicultural family, are turning to marriage with a Russian national. Unfortunately, many of these marriages are not as happy as one might hope.

While the dating Russian brides of today might be more diverse than ever before, they still often focus on a narrow cultural group. This is understandable: there are far too many cultural and religious differences in the two cultures for most Americans to view them as synonymous. However, it does make it very difficult to find an American bride who is not at least somewhat Slavic. A culture that is also highly religious would also mean that most of the potential spouses would also be very religious, which also means that they would also be very close to their family, which means that they might have more cultural ties to their family than an American bride who is not.

This should all be pretty obvious to the Russian-American bride who is interested in getting acquainted with another culture, especially if she has not already been married before. The only thing that can stop her from getting married to a man of another culture, or at least becoming friends with someone from that culture, is the bride's parents' unwillingness to allow it. Unfortunately, the American bride can never really blame her parents. They are the ones who forced her into the marriage in the first place, and they do not get to decide what is best for their daughter. However, for those who are against mixing cultures, dating Russian brides can be the answer to the question of how to get to know Russian women.

Why do I know this?

Since 2009 I've been searching for my own foreign bride (mail order bride if you like to use this old fashioned name for them). I've dated many foreign women - some bad, some delightful, each different in their own way.

One thing I can tell you though - the foreign women you're likely to meet through online dating sites will impress you with their looks, intelligence and sophistication. All of the foreign women I've met have been way better than the women I could hope to meet in my own country.

Russian Ladies and How to Meet Them

Russian ladies are famous for their beauty, and you'll find many Russian beauties on Russian dating sites. It's not too hard to find hot Russian and Ukrainian women who will chat to you, even if you're ten or even twenty years their senior!

I guess if you're looking for a Russian bride, then you need to know how to:

  • Choose the best Russian dating site.
  • Select the most appropriate Russian women for you to chat to.
  • How to shortlist women to meet in person.
  • How to avoid getting caught up in any nasty internet dating romance scams.

Talking of scammers, sadly there are all kinds of scams and scammers operating on most dating sites, so be sure to read about how to avoid them.

If you want to find answers to other questions you might have, use the sitemap or search facility (at the top right of this page) to find what you're looking for on this site.

Share Your Russian Online Dating Story!

Have you had a good or bad experience with a Russian dating website? Add your comments to the bottom of the pages about each Russian dating site and let others know what the site's really like. This will help keep the internet free of scam dating sites and ensure that sites really clean up their acts and do something about fake profiles, scammers and poor customer support.

While bad sites often change their names, at least we can try to point newbie men in the right direction, and make sure that as many men as possible get to appreciate there's a whole world of dating out there!

Not Sure if You Want a Russian Bride?

By the way, if you're not sure if you want a Russian bride, then there are plenty of other alternatives. Some you might have heard of, like Thailand, but other countries you might not even have considered.

Use the foreign bride finder tool to get suggestions of where else in the World you might find a loving and devoted bride.

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