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A Foreign Affair - Find a Sexy Russian Mail Order Bride

If you're searching for a Russian bride then you'll no doubt come across A Foreign Affair. This company is also known as LoveMe or AFA. They run a number of foreign dating sites. Their core business is in helping American men find Russian brides. They do also have a presence in Latin America (especially Colombia and Costa Rica) and Asia (China and the Philippines).

A Foreign Affair is based in the USA and was established in 1985. Mainly due to a raging self-publicity machine, AFA is probably the best known mail order bride business out there. Their websites are full of photos and videos of their services, and they have featured in one of two documentaries over the years. Of course their websites are full of success stories - but with foreign marriages you usually get to hear about the marriages, and not the divorces.

A Foreign Affair for Russian Brides

So despite the diversification into Latin and Asian brides, A Foreign Affair is a good place to look for Russian brides. There are plenty of Russian ladies on the site. The search engine is fairly basic, but the frames based search results page works reasonably well. There are also extra pages that show the most recent new ladies, the sexiest most beautiful ladies, a breakdown of ladies by age and women sorted by their career (maybe useful if you want to find a woman who is in a particular profession). This feature is nice in that it's more evidence that foreign ladies aren't always the poor, uneducated women that most people think of when considering mail order brides. It's good to know that A Foreign Affair has ladies who are journalists, interpreters, accountants, lawyers and dentists.

As well as Russian brides there are plenty of ladies from Ukraine, and also from other former Soviet countries including Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Uzbekistan. Before you get too carried away just remember that some of these countries could be quite hard to travel to. So it's often best to stick to the major Eastern European cities of Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev and Odessa.

The profiles of the Russian women on the AFA sites are generally professional looking. Almost all of the ladies have professionally taken photos. While flattering just bear in mind that they might be heavily airbrushed.

One drawback with A Foreign Affair is that it is fairly expensive. To request a Russian lady's email address you'll have to pay. This makes it potentially much more expensive than a flat rate fee site like Russian Euro. To give you an idea of cost, on Chinese Love Links I talked to around 40 ladies in a 3 month period. Of those 40 I'd say that perhaps 3-4 would have been good potential wives for me.

A Foreign Affair also has a letter writing service. Although this allows you to send letters to ladies who don't read English, this type of website is expensive. It's usually far better to find an English speaking lady (there are plenty of Russian Euro). There's also an additional fee for sending a photo to a lady. This seems unfair as Chnlove allows you to attach photos to your letters free of charge.

A Foreign Affair's services are marginally cheaper if you sign up for the monthly Platinum membership package. However, this is still expensive compared to other dating services.

A Foreign Affair Romance Tours

Online dating has a reputation for being a haven for scammers. Sadly Russian dating is a particular hazard. Asides from the problems with scammer and gold digging ladies, if you read more of the Russian Dating Sites Guide you'll get the impression that some of the dating sites out there are pretty shady (particularly those with hot Russian and Ukrainian bikini babes on the home page).

One way of bypassing all the scams is to meet Russian ladies in person. A good way of doing this is to take part in a romance tour. This is a vacation organized by a tour company, but as well as doing some sightseeing, you'll also get to meet dozens of single ladies.

A Foreign Affair organizes a number of these trips throughout the year. Trips can be a good idea if you're not really sure what type of Russian bride you want to find, so the opportunity to meet many ladies is a good one. However, unless you prearrange to meet specific ladies you like the look of then it is largely the luck of the draw as to whether you'll find love on a particular tour.

If you can't make any of the particular tour dates then you can just turn up at AFA's offices in selected Eastern European cities and be introduced to ladies (for a fee of course). This might be worthwhile if you want to meet several ladies, and none of them speak much English (and your Russian isn't up to much either).

A Foreign Affair has a wide range of other services. If you live in the USA and want to get your mail order bride a green card, then it's worth considering using their own immigration attorney. Get your paperwork wrong and you could endure months of delay, so never skimp on the cost of a good immigration lawyer. There's also a DIY fiancé visa kit if you want to do things yourself.

If you're cash rich and time poor then AFA's Executive Service might be of interest. It's important to point out that Russian ladies aren't just poor and uneducated mail order brides - Russia is a great place to find a smart and sophisticated foreign wife. With AFA's Executive Service you'll be assigned a personal consultant to help you every step of the way in your search for a top quality Russian wife. This might be worth considering, although the cost is extremely high compared to other executive dating agencies.

So is A Foreign Affair a good place to find a Russian bride? If you want some hand holding every step of the way, then it might be worth considering using this company. However, bear in mind that their services are pretty expensive compared to signing up to a flat rate subscription fee Russian dating site and booking your own trip to meet Russian ladies.


Simon on 09 March 2012
Are romance tour ladies for real?
greg on 27 November 2012
Yes and No. Romance tours take you to a city in a given country and put on a "Social" which is something akin to a Highschool prom (but with alcohol). At the social, you will have more women than men. But a lot of the women are just there for the free drinks. Some women are prostitutes and hustlers. But some really are legitimately looking for a husband. So it is a mix of motives. You have to use common sense. If you are a 70 year old millionaire, then chances are that that 20 year old bikini model wants your money. But if you are a younger guy, then she might be really interested in you. So best to keep your expectations real.

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