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A Volga Girl - Russian Mail Order Brides

A Volga Girl is one of the smaller Russian dating sites, but it maybe worth a look if you're interested in finding a Russian mail order bride.

A Volga Girl has just over 2000 profiles on the site. Although this means there's less choice, less is usually more when it comes to finding a foreign bride. While the Cupid Media sites collectively claim to have over 18 million members, a quick look at Russian Euro or Ukraine Date with leave you with the impression that many of the profiles are inactive.

The Volga Girl website mainly contains the profiles of Russian girls from and around the Russian city of Togliatti. If you want to visit the ladies then you'll need to take a short internal flight from Moscow or another city. The advantage of girls on this website is that they're slightly less likely to be princesses that you'll find in the major cities such as Moscow or St Petersburg. Many men seeking foreign brides tend to prefer visiting ladies in the smaller cities such as Togliatti. In case you're wondering what Togliatti is like, there's a photo gallery on the site (although the photos appear to be over 10 years old).

There are some very good ladies on this dating site. They are in a wide range of ages and different physical attributes. There are also plenty of single professional ladies on the site, so they're not what you'd think of as a traditional mail order bride. It's good that there is an indication of a lady's English language proficiency, which is often a problem when trying to have a relationship with a foreign lady.

Like Foreign Ladies and other Russian sites, A Volga Girl is a letter writing site. You can pay to send letters to ladies, which are then translated into Russian by Volga girl staff, and the lady's response translated back into English. If you want to go it alone in your correspondence then you can also buy a lady's email address. Now I'm not a fan of letter writing sites, as they can be expensive. But it's good to know that you've also got the option of buying a lady's email address and corresponding with her directly.

Volga Girl Services

There are a wide range of other services provided by this agency. One feature is the ability to send a wide range of gifts to your special lady you've seen on the site. There are the usual choices of flowers and chocolates. And there are also some I've not seen any other international dating site offer. You can even choose to send toys to ladies who have children. While I'm sure ladies will appreciate gifts, personally I'm a bit wary of the whole gift giving thing, as I learned from experience that it's all too easy to go from giving gifts to sending money, and that's a disaster if you're dating foreign ladies.

If you want to visit the ladies on the site then A Volga Girl can assist you with your trip. This is often much more easy than chatting to girls on Russian Euro then having to make all the arrangements for meeting them yourself.

There's also a fiancé visa support service. Immigration departments are getting ever more strict on who they will let into the USA (or other Western countries), so this is worth considering.

So what do other men think of this Russian dating site? A Volga Girl is a fairly small agency. Apparently it was taken over by new owners a few years ago, and there are some concerns that the profiles haven't been updated too often. This is often a problem with many other dating sites. On Russian Euro for example there are many old profiles. In general my experience is that it's best to avoid older profiles, and in the case of Russian Euro I'd avoid any lady who hasn't logged in for at least 3 months. One good thing is that on the Volga girl website there are links to the most recently added women's profiles.

Back to A Volga Girl, and there aren't too many negative reports of this dating site. In fact there are plenty of men who praise the efforts of Helen the main matchmaker. The site's many success stories also tell a good story, and it's nice to see these. I'd say the main thing to be wary of with this site are the letter writing costs. It's all too easy to get carried away and spend thousands of dollars writing to ladies, so be wary of this.

So it might be worth checking out A Volga Girl, but be wary of profiles that may have been on the site for too long. Alternative Russian dating sites include Elena's Models - this site has about the best reputation of the larger sites. If you want a more personalized approach to matchmaking then A Belarus Bride also has a good reputation.


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