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About the Russian Dating Sites Guide

The Russian Dating Sites Guide website was established in December 2010 as a resource for information about how to meet and date Russian and Eastern European women online.

About the Russian Dating Sites Guide

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Hi, I'm Brett, and I'd like to welcome you to the Russian Dating Sites Guide.

I started this site as a spin-off to the Asian Dating Sites Guide I started in August 2010. Men looking for Russian and Eastern European brides face similar problems while looking for their dream girl.

Unlike other people who write about foreign brides, I am engaged in my own search for my dream foreign bride. I've talked to Asian ladies online, and I have visited them in Asia. I've dated both Japanese and Chinese women. While I like the Asian ladies more than Russian ladies, the whole process of finding an Asian bride is similar to that finding a Russian bride. I've had language difficulties. I've encountered scammers. I've spent my hard earned cash on expensive dating sites. I'll be straight with you and tell you that finding a foreign bride is most costly and stressful than you could ever imagine. But yes, it is worth the effort!

Most people are uninformed about the whole Russian bride finding business, and many people still refer to it as the mail order bride business. So let's get a few misconceptions ironed out first.

The first misconception is that Russian women are all poor and that they're all golddiggers. This is rubbish. Russia is booming and its economy has increasing numbers of jobs for women. Like Western countries, it's starting to be the men who are being left behind, especially given the hard drinking reputation of the typical Russian man. While Russian women often earn less than men for equivalent work, increasing numbers of Russian women can earn enough to support themselves and have a decent lifestyle. They increasingly don't need to marry a man in order to have a good standard of living.

Having said that, the Russia and other Eastern European countries are developing economies, and unemployment levels can be very high. There are many women looking to marry rich Western men as a way of supporting them and their families. But not all women on Russian dating sites are poor. There are many middle class and rich women who are also looking for Western husbands. It's not uncommon to see very highly educated women on Russian dating sites. In fact, if they have internet access at home or at work then they normally sign themselves up to dating sites like Russian Euro.

Next, let's talk about age difference. The common view is that Russian mail order brides are popular with 60 year old divorced Western men looking for 20 year old Ukrainian girls. In fact the Russian bride scene is popular with men of all ages. The majority of Western men usually settle for Russian brides who are no more than 10 years younger than themselves.

Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy your search for a new partner. The search can be long and hard, but many men are rewarded for the hard effort they put into meeting the woman of their dreams.

Good luck!

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