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Anastasia Russian Romance Tours

Anastasia Web is a popular Russian dating website for meeting ladies from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Here's a review of Anastasia Web.

One of the services offered by Anastasia Web are romance tours of Russian cities. Anastasia Web have a long history of arranging romance tours. In fact they have been arranging Russian romance tours since at least 1993. Tours are arranged for cities including Odessa, Kharkov and sometimes multiple cities.

Romance tours can be a good alternative to online dating. On a romance tour you'll visit Russia or the Ukraine for a week or more. During this time there will be a number of social events where you can meet Russian and Ukrainian ladies looking for marriage. As well as the social events, there are usually sightseeing tours of whichever cities you're visiting. These sightseeing tours are useful if you've not travelled to Eastern Europe before. They can also be good events to take your special Eastern European lady on if you've met somebody you like at the social events.

Social events typically run for a few hours, so you'll have plenty of time to chat to the Russian ladies on them. Many of the ladies will speak some English, but interpreters are on hand should you like a particular lady who doesn't speak much English.

Are Romance Tours Worthwhile?

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Romance tours can be good if you're more confident at chatting to ladies in real life than online. We men tend to find it much easier to judge a woman when we meet her in real life. On an Anastasia romance tour you'll get to meet many different women in person.

Romance tours are also good in that you can meet many ladies at one time. It's much easier to get a good idea of the type of Russian lady you want to look for if you meet many of them in one place.

On the downside, romance tours are expensive, and they're often much more expensive than the equivalent trip would be should you just book your own flight and hotel. Despite what they say, you're never too sure if the ladies that turn up to the events are marriage minded, or they're just curious about meeting Western men, or they're just coming along for some free food and entertainment. On the other hand, there are plenty of ladies on foreign dating sites who aren't really serious about finding a Western man for marriage either.

A problem some men experience on romance tours is that certain ladies can prove very popular, so there can be a lot of rivalry and competition to get a chance to chat to the best women. A few men are also disappointed with their tour experiences. Mainly these are men who have built their expectations too high ahead of the trip. As with other forms of dating, there's no 100% guarantee that you'll meet the Russian girl of your dreams on your first trip to Russia, be it a romance tour or a trip you've arranged yourself.

Alternatives to Anastasia Romance Tours

There is another company offering romance tours - A Foreign Affair (also known as AFA or LoveMe). The company offers regular tours of Russian or Ukrainian cities. The company also runs occasional tours to China and the Philippines, as well as to Latin American countries. AFA's tours are sometimes slightly cheaper than Anastasia's, but which company you choose may come down to the dates you're available to partake in the tours more than anything.

If you're too busy to attend one of the scheduled romance tours then tour company operators sometimes allow you to visit their overseas offices in order to meet ladies in person. You can often browse their websites before you visit and arrange to meet specific ladies.

Failing that, it's much cheaper to arrange your own romance tour. Just book a flight and hotel through a website such as Expedia and arrange to meet a few ladies from websites such as Russian Euro.

So if you're serious about finding a Russian bride then it's well worth considering romance tours such as those offered by Anastasia International.


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