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APrettyWoman - Meet Pretty Russian Women Online

APrettyWoman is a Russian dating site where you can make contact with pretty Russian women seeking foreign men for romance and marriage.

APrettyWoman has a very basic website. Actually, the website itself is pretty dire when compared to the slick operations of sites like RussianEuro. There is a search facility. It has a lot of options, but again the design and layout is awful. I'm not sure why they don't update their site. Maybe the underlying technology is too complex to replace!

APrettyWoman also has a page where you can view the latest women on the site. There are plenty of pretty Russian women on this site, so you'll have no shortage of women you want to make contact with. There's also a large page of thumbnails showing the week's most popular girls. Needless to say, the most popular girls tend to be those in skimpy lingerie or swimwear. For some reason it's not unusual for Russian women to sometimes wear lingerie to the beach.

One interesting part of the site that caught my eye is the age range table of statistics. This shows data from their membership database regarding the age range of what the men and the women on the site are seeking. The data will make your head spin. To summarise though:

  • Women in their early 20's are looking for someone who is 30 or younger.
  • Women in their late 20's are looking for someone up to the age of 40, but they'd prefer a 35 year old.
  • Women in their 30's will look for men up to 45, but they would prefer someone under 40.
  • Women in their 40's will look for men 5-10 years older than themselves.

Of course there are exceptions to this rule. But if you want to marry for love, it's usually best to stick to a 5 year maximum age range.

APrettyWoman has a range of membership options. Once you join you can request ladies' email addresses and contact details. It's then up to you to contact them directly. One downside to this site is that it is expensive. At the time of writing the Platinum 12 month membership was over five times the cost of RussianEuro. Are the ladies on APrettyWoman five times as good as the RussianEuro ladies? Of course they're not!

APrettyWoman Scams

A few men have reported problems with this site. But it doesn't seem as bad as some of the other Russian dating sites. One thing in the site's favor is that you're not charged every time you write a letter to a girl. This means that there's less incentive for the site to post fake profiles or play other types of games.

One thing to watch is that the site permits monthly billing of your credit card. Be aware that these billings can be difficult to cancel. Unlike a debit card you can't always get your bank to cancel the instruction, you're relying on APrettyWoman stopping the billing on your behalf.

Of course there are scam ladies and timewasting ladies on all dating sites. That's just something you have to accept when you try online dating. The good news is that if you talk to plenty of Russian and Ukrainian ladies you'll gradually get a feel for whether a woman is genuine.

Services Offered by APrettyWoman

APrettyWoman offers a number of services. There's the usual online dating. There are also a few other services that are useful if you're serious about finding a Russian bride online. Services include:

Romantic tours. APrettyWoman offers a number of escorted romantic tours of Russia and Ukraine. There are a number of tours organised each year. Take part in APrettyWoman romantic tour and you'll get to meet dozens of beautiful Russian or Ukrainian girls. Romantic tours are popular with men who like meeting ladies in person rather than risk online dating with all the dangers of scam ladies and fake ladies.

Meeting ladies in person. If you're a VIP member of the site then you can arrange to meet ladies in person. There is a charge for this service, and VIP membership is very expensive.

Apartments for rent in Kiev. If you can afford to take time out from your life, then it's a great idea to spend at least a month in Eastern Europe. If you spend more time there then you won't need to rush your search for a Russian bride. You'll get your pick of the single women, and you won't feel so pressurised into rushing into a decision you might regret later. For a stay in Eastern Europe for longer than two weeks, it's usually cheaper and more convenient to rent an apartment. This will be a lot cheaper than a hotel. An apartment may also have catering facilities, and more room for entertaining prospective wives. APrettyWoman offer a range of Kiev apartments to suit all budgets.

Russian mail order bride affiliate programme. If you want to set up your own mail order bride business then they also have a comprehensive affiliate programme. Dating sites often offer affiliate programmes in order to improve their online marketing. While there's nothing wrong with this, sites with affiliate programmes can have issues. One thing to look out for is that many affiliates write glowing fake reviews of sites that they also promote using the site's own affiliate scheme.

Alternatives to APrettyWoman

If you want to order addresses of Russian ladies, then sites like Foreign Ladies or A Foreign Affair may offer better value. Both RussianEuro and Elena's Models are much cheaper than APrettyWoman, and their websites are much more user friendly. If you want to visit ladies in person, then A Foreign Affair offer romantic tours. You can also arrange to meet ladies in person at their Eastern European offices (there is a fee for this service, but it's much cheaper than attending the romantic tours).

So APrettyWoman isn't a bad Russian dating site. However, it is pretty expensive for what it is.


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