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Army Of Brides - Russian Online Dating

Army of Brides is a popular online Russian brides dating website where men can email and chat to Russian ladies online. It's most commonly used for Western men looking for Russian brides.

The site has ladies from a range of former Soviet countries. Most of the ladies are from Ukraine, as well as many from Russia. There are also a few ladies from countries such as Lithuania, Belarus and Estonia. The site has a basic search facility, and once you've found ladies you're interested in you can read their personal profiles and see high quality photos of them. Some ladies have video profiles available which are useful to gain a better idea of what they're like.

Army of Brides is a letter writing site. That is the site is free to join, but you have to pay each time you send or receive a letter from a Russian woman. The good thing about these types of site is that they allow you to correspond with ladies who don't speak or write much English. The problem is that letter writing is expensive. If you spend 2-3 letters a week then the costs will very quickly mount up. I spent more than $400 on an Asian letter writing site, and that was only for writing to less than a dozen ladies.

The other problem with Army of Brides is that letter writing sites can encourage fraud. Lady profiles can be faked, and men will pay money to talk to ladies who don't actually exist. You have to pay for translation costs even if a lady can speak perfectly good English. Ladies who have become engaged or who are in a relationship with another man aren't always removed from the site, so essentially you're paying money writing to a lady who is not available. You'll also see a lot of email responses that are fluff, i.e. they don't answer your questions or are just romantic drivvel. Get these types of letters and you'll have to send dozens of letters to find out the simplest questions about a lady.

To their credit, at least the Army of Brides website makes it easy to find out how much the site costs. Many dating sites are so anxious for you to sign up that they hide their costs. Letter writing sites also help to screen out the many rogue sleazeball men who roam dating sites looking for sexy chat or free adult webcam sessions instead of a marriage partner.

I've no doubt that there will be some lovely ladies on the Army of Brides site. However, it could be ruinously expensive to find them. There's a list of much cheaper alternatives further down.

Army of Brides Scams

So it's probably a good idea to be wary of the Army of Brides Russian dating site. The Jim's lists anti-scam site regards the site as being potentially fraudulent. There are plenty of internet forum postings describing problems with this site. Personally it sounds very similar to the Chinese dating site Chnlove. I met a nice girl through the Chnlove website. I went all the way to China, and she did actually exist. But many Chnlove members have described very bad experiences with using the site, so I felt as if I could have been in the minority.

As well as potential frauds, see the above notes about Army of Brides being expensive. Don't underestimate how many letters you would have to write to finally find the Russian girl of your dreams.

Alternatives to Army of Brides

If you want to go down the DIY route then sign up to Russian Euro and have a look at the ladies on that site. Yes there are occasional scammers on the Cupid Media sites, but the company tries hard to keep the site clean. Don't send money to anyone you chat to on that site and you'll not get scammed. The good thing is that Russian Euro itself is a genuine site. And once you've paid up for membership then you can chat to as many ladies as you like.

Sure, the Russian Euro ladies don't always write good English, but with the Google Translator you can send them passable Russian. With time you'll get to learn enough Russian to be able to chat about unimportant things, and you can always hire your own translator for important things like visa applications or arranging travel plans. I would suggest that it is a good idea to find your own reliable translator. I can't speak for Russian translators, but I've seen plenty of hard evidence of Chinese translators not working in the man's interests, even though he's paying them for the translation service.

There are also plenty of genuine Russian marriage agencies. Take a look at Belarus Brides and the services they offer. A marriage agency can introduce you to some high quality ladies, and can often work out cheaper than using online dating sites with their many scammers and timewasters.

So by all means take a look at Army of Brides. But be aware that many men have reported problems with this site. If you've had problems or a good experience with this site, then post comments below. Army of Brides could also be very expensive, especially if you're serious about finding a Russian bride and want to chat to as many different ladies as possible.


Jack on 27 August 2011
This is the proper label and title for this site because it has so many scam elements that it has to be exposed and revealed for. Let me therefore list them: Scam 1. Letter "burial" or "drowning"-In just several weeks one can become overwhelmed and "buried" in hundreds of mail and some have even reported receiving over 1300 to 1500 letters in one month. The purpose is to open as many mail as one can and the more one opens the more money is made by the site because it costs to open letters. Hence the purpose of the letter burial system. Its a system of greed that is in place similar to Scam 2. Accusations have included having fake profiles and even bought or stolen profiles of ladies from different sites or different places especially from affiliate sites who may have deliberately given them these profiles. For example it is a 100% clear fact that profiles from have ended up on this site with even profile details changed such as for example age details of ladies. These profiles were obviously then allowed to be given over by to Army of Brides for their greedy monetary interests! This means also that one can be writing not to an actual lady but wasting one's finances behind a hired employee who is actually replying to one's letters! The same can be said for another site called Scam 3. Accusations can also include profile reuse meaning that they reuse or use over old profiles but with different male participants by sending them to their inbox as a supposedly "new" letter. This is why every three months they remove letters from one's inbox. Other sites would not do this by the way. The removed letters will perhaps be sent to some other person as a "new" letter in their inbox making them think that a "new" lady has written them which is absolutely not the case but when the gentleman opens the letter the site again of course will be making money from a profile where the lady behind the picture is actually nonexistent or is not even there (or perhaps it is sent even to the same person again as a new letter depending on the site's intentions). Scam 4. Letters also may not be written related to the photo or picture that one sees. In other words one may write about one subject or topic and receive information that is totally not in line or different with that particular subject e.g. one talks about their family and you ask the lady or person about theirs and the person instead talks about their school instead totally ignoring the subject of family altogether! A case indeed for a hired employee writing the letter (which some believe to be male employees). You have therefore again wasted your funds on an unreal person or person who is actually not there! Scam 5. Tours have been even found to be much more costly and expensive than usual where little "success" can occur but where they still collect payments at the end of the day even if one fails. Thus one can come back with a deep financial hole in ones pockets while they get to keep the money from one's failure! The girl or lady may actually be working for the agency to make sure the agency through their little moneymaker takes enough financially from you at the end of the day! This Army is best stayed away from if one wants to end up in great affliction and adversity with this scam!

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