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Your Essential Guide to the Best Russian Dating Sites

There are plenty of men who like the idea of finding a mail order bride from Russia. So what's the best Russian dating site? Here's a summary of your best options for Russian dating.

Best Russian Dating Site If You're New to Russian Dating

About the best larger Russian dating site in terms of the reviews it has received is Elena's Models. The site has a good reputation for keeping the personals scammer free. What I also like about the site is that the subscription fee is very reasonable. Unlike many other sites listed on the Russian Dating Sites Guide, Elena's Models doesn't charge you each time you send or receive a letter from a Russian lady. These types of sites are notorious for being expensive, so Elena's Models is a much better alternative.

Elena's Models also contains a large amount of information about finding a Russian bride. There are also additional services such as the ability to request English/Russian translation services should you require them.

Best Russian Dating Site - Going it Alone

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Many men like the idea of going it alone and finding their own Russian bride without too much help from anyone else. If this is the case then a good site to use is Russian Euro. The site does have problems with scam ladies, but if you're more experienced then you'll normally be able to recognise them immediately. Speaking from personal experience, I now have a pretty good idea of who to avoid on dating sites. Scammers aren't normally terribly imaginative, and they normally use the same old tricks time and time again.

Russian Euro has a reasonably membership fee. Once you've paid for membership of the site you can chat and email as many women as you like. Russian Euro tends to attract some high quality ladies. Usually they sign themselves up to the site. Consequently you'll find plenty of independent ladies who can think for themselves. The site attracts many English speaking ladies so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one you can communicate with.

Note that as well as Russian Euro there's also a sister site called Ukraine Date. Both are run by Cupid Media. The sites are pretty much identical in terms of functionality. If you're particularly interested in Ukrainian mail order brides then it may be worthwhile taking out a subscription to Ukraine Date. Otherwise it's probably more cost effective to sign up to Russian Euro.

Best Russian Introduction Agency

Online dating is extremely time consuming. If you want a more personalised approach, then it's a good idea to look for an introduction agency. An introduction agency will usually have less of a selection of potential partners. However, unlike a dating site, they normally interview members in order to weed out scammers and ladies who aren't suitable for marriage to a Western man. There are a number of introduction agencies operating in Russia and former Soviet countries like the Ukraine. One agency with a very good reputation is A Belarus Bride.

Best Russian Tours

If you're not comfortable with using the Internet and find online dating a little bewildering, then why not consider a romance tour? Romance marriage tours allow you to travel to Eastern European cities and meet a number of Russian ladies in person. Some men find this is a much better way of meeting ladies. There are a few tour companies that you can use to help you organise your trip. AFA (A Foreign Affair/LoveMe), Anastasia and Elena's Models all run marriage tours. All three companies have a fairly good reputation as far as tours go. The main issue with tours is that they can be very expensive compared to organising a trip yourself. And of course there's no guarantee that you'll find love on the trip.

So if you're interested in finding a Russian bride, then take a look at this selection of websites which should be enough to get you started on your quest for a special lady from Russia.


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