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Meeting Beautiful Russian Women on the BrideRU Website

Bride.Ru is an online dating site where you can make contact with beautiful ladies from Russia. There are also ladies from other Eastern European countries including the Ukraine.

The Bride.Ru Russian dating site contains profiles of a large number of Russian beautiful women. If you join the site and pay a fee you are able to contact the Russian beauties who are listed on the site. Unlike other dating sites, the fee is increased if you want to contact the younger and most beautiful ladies on the site.

There are basic search facilities where you can search for a lady by age and country. Once you've found some ladies you can read a brief profile of themselves. The ladies also have a few photos of themselves.

BrideRu Scams

With any dating site like this there are plenty of opportunities for scammers and timewasters to ruin your search for a Russian beauty. Many men have complained that many profiles on the site are out of date, and the women are no longer contactable. This is a worry if you're paying for the contact details of the ladies.

As with most dating sites there will be many women who it's best to avoid. As well as the usual money scammers and women looking for green card visas, timewasters are also a problem.

Brides Ru Problems

There is a big problem with this site. The site's ownership details are not easily obtainable from the site and at the time of writing there was no privacy policy. Be wary of posting your personal details on this website.

A few men who have signed up for Bride.Ru have complained that their credit card membership billing can be very difficult to cancel. Always be aware of this as once you set up a recurring membership of a website via a Credit Card it is very difficult to cancel the billing cycle if the company you're being billed by doesn't want to co-operate with you. Credit card companies will also not always cancel your card if you have an active billing cycle set up on that card.

Beyond the problems for the men on the site, the Russian women on the site have also reported problems. They note that many of the men registering for the site are sleazeballs. Many Russian women are contacted by sex tourists or men who want to find a girl who will do sexy webcam sessions for free. If you're using any Russian dating site then it's always essential to be on your best behavior - this will really impress women if they can see that you're genuinely interested in finding a Russian wife.

Finally, Bride.Ru is very expensive. There are much cheaper Russian dating sites available. The other sites also have much better search facilities and other features built into their sites.

Alternatives to BrideRu

RussianEuro is many times cheaper than Bride.RU. The site is run by Cupid Media, who are based in Australia. They operate a large number of foreign dating sites and are fairly well respected. There will of course be scammers on the site, but if you're serious about finding a Russian wife then it's essential you learn to recognise the bad women. There are also a large number of other Russian dating websites.

An alternative to using a dating site is to go on an escorted romance tour of a Russian city and meet beautiful Russian women at organised social events. AFA and Anastasia run a number of romance trips each year. At each of them you have the opportunity to meet dozens of very beautiful Russian women. While there may be women who are just after a green card or visa, you can at least confirm that the women do in fact exist. Tours are expensive, but men generally report that they were pleased with this type of opportunity to meet Russian women. Meeting Russian women in person is also a great idea if you're been previously married and have a lot of experience in reading women's body language.

So Bride.Ru is probably best avoided. There are much cheaper Russian dating sites available, and Bride.Ru is very expensive for what it is. If you have any experiences (good or bad) of Bride.Ru then post your comments below.


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