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Who Are Cupid Media?

Cupid Media are an Australian based company that run a large network of online dating websites. The company claims their sites have a combined total of over 18 million members.

As far as Russian online dating goes, the two most relevant Cupid dating sites are Russian Euro and Ukraine Date. Russian Euro is now more commonly referred to as Russian Cupid. This is probably due to the company wishing to get all of their dating sites under the Cupid umbrella. This will hopefully lead to less confusion with the sites' users. For example, at present Russian Euro belongs to Cupid Media, but Latin Euro does not.

As to the Russian dating sites, it's a little strange that there is both a Russian Euro and Ukraine Date. You'll find Ukrainian ladies on Russian Euro, so I'm not sure why anyone would sign up to Ukraine Date instead. One annoyance of the Cupid dating sites is that you have to sign up to each site separately. And yes, that means you need to pay for each site separately as well.

If you want a foreign bride but you're not sure about which country then you might also be interested in Cupid Media's other sites. Popular sites in terms of finding mail order brides include:

  • Colombian Cupid
  • Latin American Cupid
  • Chinese Cupid
  • Thai Love Links (Thai Cupid)
  • Filipino Cupid (formerly Filipina Heart)

There are also a number of other sites, but they're not so popular with men seeking foreign brides.

What's also good about the Cupid dating sites is that they're also popular with men in these countries seeking brides. This is partly down to the sites being available in a range of languages. I guess that Cupid Media are onto a good thing as the populations of countries such as Brazil, China and Russia start using internet dating sites in ever greater numbers.

As to the sites themselves, they are all easy to use. Most of the Cupid sites are pretty much identical to each other, although the color schemes vary.

You can sign up totally free to any of the Cupid dating sites, and you only need to take out a subscription if you want to contact the other members. In practice this usually means that a man has to take out a subscription if he wants to meet any ladies on the site. Ladies can often get away with a free membership plan, but they increase their chances of finding love if they also take out a subscription.

One problem with pretty much all of the Cupid Media sites is that they're attractive places for dating site scammers to hang out. I know both men and women who have been contacted by scammers. So take great care on these sites. Take things slowly and get to recognise the members worth chatting to. Cupid Media's support are fairly responsive. But sadly if you've been scammed by somebody then there's not much they would be able to do about it.

Of the Russian Cupid sites, Russian Euro is probably most worth signing up to. Its closest competitor is arguably Elena's Models.


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