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CuteOnly - Online Dating of Sexy Beautiful Russian Girls

CuteOnly is a Russian dating site. As the name suggests the selling point is that only cute Russian women are listed on the site. According to the site, only one out of ten girls makes it onto the site.

Most of the women on CuteOnly are from Russia. There are also many women from the Ukraine, with smaller numbers of women from former Soviet countries such as Belarus and Kazakhstan. The majority of the women are in the 24-34 age range.

CuteOnly Reviews

There are plenty of reviews of CuteOnly. But how many are real, and how many are fake? One problem with CuteOnly is that it has an affiliate scheme. Website owners can get money every time one of their visitors signs up to CuteOnly via their website. So do you think somebody is going to sign up to CuteOnly after reading a bad review of the site? Of course they probably won't. So many website owners publish glowing reviews of a site in the hope that the browser will be convinced enough to sign up to the dating site.

CuteOnly Scams

One big problem with CuteOnly is that it's on Jim's List's "Hell No" list. Jim has been sent proof that the site is a scam site, and you can read the evidence on his website. For example, a customer of CuteOnly took the photo off of his profile, and yet he still got emails from women saying they liked his photo. There is also some evidence that emails from ladies are being automatically generated according to your age and geographical location. While dating sites using technology to help with matchmaking is generally a good thing, this is suspicious. The problem is that often these letters are being sent to you without the lady actually knowing that the letters have been sent in her name. So you'll think that this hot Russian bride is actually interested in you. In reality she may not even have read your profile, much less decided whether you're what she's looking for.

Another disturbing thing that Jim has uncovered is that plenty of men have met scammers through the site. There's nothing really bad about this - there are scammers on all dating sites, including the big household names such as and eHarmony. But what's bad about CuteOnly is that men have reported that known scammers continue to be listed on the site. Inevitably newbie members of CuteOnly will come across these ladies, so you only have to hope that they don't lose money as a result.

The sad thing is that so many men have had bad experiences of Russian dating as a result of scams and shady websites, that they go off the idea of finding a Russian bride altogether. This is really sad to see, as there are plenty of really lovely women on these mail order bride themed websites. But finding the decent women is increasingly difficult. In some countries the situation has gone into meltdown and online dating is largely a waste of time. I see this in the Asian dating scene. There are so many Thai scammers that many men have given up on the Thai bride idea and started looking for a Chinese wife instead.

Now Jim himself is not always held in high regard by the foreign dating online community. And his task is made all the more difficult by the fact that rival dating sites often post fake reviews (good or bad) on forums and websites about foreign mail order brides. But these stories sound awfully familiar to my experiences in the Asian dating scene. Yes Asian ladies are different to Russian ladies. But the Asian and the Russian dating sites use similar techniques to make money. And in the Asian dating scene the fake letter writing websites are all too common. I'm pretty sure one of the Asian ladies I was writing to didn't actually exist, but how could I prove it? It's very difficult.

And hats off to Jim for pointing out the obvious - do you really think that a site called CuteOnly, or Bikini Brides or Hot Russian Brides is a good place to find a wife? This reminds me of absurdly themed dating sites such as SugarDaddy or DateAMillionaire. They might as well have a tick box on their application form along the lines of tick here if you want to find a lady to spend all your money for you. No, if you want a decent Russian bride then stick to a marriage agency with a great reputation, such as A Belarus Bride. Or sign up to a low cost dating site such as Russian Euro or Elena's Models. Sadly these sites also attract scam ladies, but DO NOT SEND MONEY and you WILL NOT GET SCAMMED. Simple as that. At the end of the day scammers are running a kind of business, and if they don't think you'll send money, they'll soon stop chatting to you and look for a sucker who WILL send them money.

One tip is that if you must use CuteOnly, then try to get the woman's personal email address and webcam details as soon as you can. Then you can chat to her and see if she's sincere (and also really exists). Skype is a great tool. Read up on body language. Read about personality types that you never want to marry (narcissistic women are very common on dating sites, especially on a site playing the beauty card like CuteOnly does). This takes time, so don't rush things.

In my personal experience you need to chat to foreign women for a couple of months. After a while the less serious ones will drop out. Don't pursue them - they're probably just not that interested in you. Talk to a lady for 2 months or more and you should think about visiting her. This also sounds bad, but it's a good idea to chat to several ladies, that way you have options should you find out your favorite lady is a scammer, or there's no chemistry between you in real life. While it's perfectly acceptable to chat to several ladies, just don't build somebody's hopes up too much. Save the falling in love bit for after you've both met in person.

So is CuteOnly a good Russian dating site? Well if you read Russian dating forums you'll find plenty of men who have had problems with the site. Personally I'm also worried that it's very difficult to find out how much the site costs. I've also had problems with narcissistic foreign women before, and this site will be infested with them. You're probably better off on a well regarded site such as Elena's Models or Russian Euro. And stay away from those perfect 10's!


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