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Dating.Ru - Russian Online Dating

Dating.Ru is a very popular Russian dating website. The site claims to have over two million members. There are normally over 5000 members online at any one time, including plenty of Russians.

Dating.Ru is potentially a good place to find Russian ladies looking for a foreign husband. Because the site is mainly aimed at the Russian market, there should be less problems with scammers and dishonest ladies looking for Western men to target. Ladies who aren't sure about relocating to another country can often make good wives. They are less likely to be visa scammers, which is a major problem when looking for a Russian bride to live in your own country.

The problem with Dating.Ru is that the site is only available in the Russian language. While you can use the Google Toolbar or other browser add-ons to translate the pages, the translations aren't always high quality. The Google Russian to English translator does however appear better than some of the other language pairs on offer. The official website content tends to translate better than the content that the members themselves post to their personal profiles. If you do know some Russian then you may be able to navigate the site successfully. Speaking from personal experience I've been able to navigate around Chinese and Japanese websites by a combination of using the Google Website Translation functionality plus being able to know a few words of each language. Although every website is different, if you're experienced in using websites then you tend to know what certain buttons are for, and hence you can normally work out how to get registered.

Meeting Russian Singles on Dating.Ru

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On Dating.Ru you can browse the member profiles for free, but to get the most out of Dating.Ru it's best to register as a member. Members can view the full photo albums of other members and not just the thumbnail images.

Dating.Ru has the usual search facilities that you'll find on other Russian dating sites. Once you've found somebody you're interested in then you can read their personal profile. Members normally upload a few photos of themselves. Unlike a lot of the Russian dating sites aimed at Western men looking for Russian brides, the site allows members to look for a wide range of partners and short term relationships. If you're marriage minded then make sure the other person is also looking for a marriage partner. Each profile shows the number of views so you can gauge how popular somebody is on the site.

One special feature of Dating.Ru is the ability to look for people who are interested in hookups. Through the Meetings section of the site it's possible to find people who want to meet other people. You can specify various types of meeting such as going for a walk, general socialising or more adult pursuits. Meetings can be arranged in Moscow, St. Petersburg or a few other major Russian cities.

You can contact the other members by sending them a message, using the chat facility or setting up a video call. One other special feature of the site is that you can pay members compliments - these show up as icons in the member's profile.

Alternatives to Dating.Ru

DatingRu is worth looking at, especially if you're familiar with the Russian language or you live in or are thinking of visiting Russia. But it's clear from reading the member profiles that there are plenty of timewasters and undesirable characters using the site. Take care when meeting anyone through the Dating.Ru site. As always, most scams involve money, so never think of sending money to somebody you've met on a dating site like Dating.Ru.

As far as alternatives for Russian singles dating go, Dating.Ru is related to the Bride.Ru dating site.

If you want to meet Russian singles who are interested in meeting Western men, then Russian Euro is a reasonably priced dating site to use. The site has a very affordable flat rate membership fee, and you can chat to as many Russian ladies as you want to.

Online dating is always hazardous due to scammers and timewasters, so a better way to find Russian ladies who are more marriage minded is to use the services of an introduction agency. A well regarded agency is A Belarus Bride.

So Dating.Ru is one of the many Russian dating sites available. The site is worth a look if you know enough Russian to be able to navigate the site.


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