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Hot Russian Brides - Meet Sexy Russian Ladies Online is another Russian online dating environment where you can meet beautiful Russian women online. Despite the name, many of the Russian women on Hot Russian Brides are actually from Ukraine. Overview

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Hot Russian Brides offers a rather bewildering four levels of membership (most other sites only have a free or paid for level of membership). Membership levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. There are a few differences between the different levels. A higher level of membership means that you are charged a little less for contacting the hot Russian brides on the site. Platinum, Silver and Gold members are also given a certain number of inclusive credits per month.

As previously mentioned in this review, many of the Hot Russian Brides are actually Ukrainian brides. Although many of the ladies have good jobs, there aren't that many that can speak or write much English. There are some very lovely ladies on this site, mostly with ages ranging from 18-45.

So is Hot Russian Brides a good website? is expensive! The live video feeds and live chat are charged by the minute. It's very expensive to use these services, so be very careful with this type of dating site. Speaking from personal experience and using a real example, I once used a dating site where I had to spend credits each time I sent or received an email from a lady I wanted to chat to. I ended up spending around $400 on the site in 6 months. I could have signed up to an all inclusive dating site that charged around $160 for a whole year. And for that I could chat to as many ladies as I could handle.

It's also worth being wary of sites where you're charged to read emails from the Russian and Ukrainian women. This is a flawed system in that it encourages the site and the marriage agencies representing the ladies to spam you with letters from unsuitable ladies. If you're an average looking Joe in your 50's and you start getting letters from 22 year old Russian girls then you should be suspicious about the site.

You're also charged to watch profile videos - on most dating sites these are free.

Other services offered by the include themed photo galleries of their russian women. There are galleries where you can see only brunette women, Russian women over 30, petite or tall ladies, and of course blonde Russian brides. It's worth using these types of galleries as sometimes you can find hot Russian women that you might not otherwise have considered. There's also a bikini gallery of sexy Russian girls in swim wear.

Hot Russian brides also offers a blog with articles about Russian online dating and advice and tips for men seeking Russian brides. Scams

HotRussianBrides doesn't appear to be as plagued with dating scam ladies as other sites such as City of Brides. But Russian dating sites in general have a poor reputation when it comes to dating scammers, so be on high alert whichever Russian dating site you use. If you remember the golden rule of NEVER sending money to a Russian girl you've met through one of these dating services then you'll avoid the majority of scams.

There are reports that it's difficult to ask the Russian babes on this site how to contact them outside of the site. While not all of the ladies will have email addresses, it's a good probability that the girls are just trying to sting you for high letter writing and video chat costs. I am suspicious of this type of activity. It plays upon the average American man's perception of the rest of the world being poor with rickety old IT infrastructure. Get real people! In 2009 I visited a run down city in China's central rust belt. But there were Internet cafes everywhere. Not many people needed to use them - they either had computers at home, at work, or had instant messaging chat facilities on their mobile phones. Egypt is one of the poorest countries in the world. But 2011's anti-government protests were arranged on FaceBook and Twitter! So please don't buy into the line that Russia's IT infrastructure is rubbish. This is the 21st century, and there are millions of Russian women with Internet access.

Alternatives to Hot Russian Brides

Russian Euro offers a flat rate fee for membership - for that you can chat to as many Russian or Ukrainian ladies that you can handle. Many of the ladies have put themselves on the site, so you don't have to deal with dishonest marriage agencies. Like all the Cupid Media sites, the women on their sites tend to be fairly well educated and from the higher levels of society (since they need computer access in order to post their profiles).

A matchmaking service is also worth considering. There are a number of matchmaking agencies in Russian and Ukrainian cities. A matchmaking service with a particularly good reputation is A Belarus Bride.

So while Hot Russian Brides is worth a look, there are much cheaper Russian and Ukrainian online dating services available.


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