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10 Steps for Finding a Russian Wife

Looking for a Russian wife? Here are the ten steps you need to take when looking for a Russian wife:

  1. First of all decide if a specific country is important to you. When men look for an Asian wife, they usually decide to visit a particular country. Asian ladies from different countries tend to look quite different. By comparison, it would be much harder to tell a Russian lady from a Latvian lady. If you do however like the culture of a particular country, then it's nice to focus your search on ladies from that country.
  2. Decide on the age range of the Russian woman you want to look for. Here's an age difference suitability calculator which can help you to decide if a particular Russian lady may be too young for you.
  3. It's a good idea to take a look at some Russian dating sites and have a look at the women's profiles on the site. Most Russian dating sites allow you to register free of charge. Sites like Foreign Ladies com also allow you to browse the personals without registering.
  4. Once you have a good idea of the type of girl you're looking for then sign up to some Russian dating sites. There are a lot of different sites available, so take advantage of free membership offers.
  5. It's worth chatting to some Russian ladies on dating sites so that you get a feel for what the ladies are really like.
  6. If you're really serious about finding a Russian lady then it's often better to sign up to an introduction agency like the well respected Belarus Brides. Although more expensive to sign up to, an introduction agency makes it much easier to find a good Russian lady.
  7. It's often a good idea to send some emails to ladies you like, to see what they're like. Bear in mind that Russian ladies who don't speak or write much English will be relying on a translator to translate their words into English. Don't let a bad translator put you off a potentially good lady. Some translators are better than others, and over time you'll learn to tell how good your translator is.
  8. In initial letters it's best to ask the lady the critical questions like whether she would want to live with you in your own country, whether she wants children etc. After you've got any showstoppers out of the way then you can start to be more romantic. After half a dozen letters, if you still like the lady then it's time to consider communicating with her on an instant messaging service or via webcam. Always set up a webcam session so that you can be sure your lady actually exists. It's possible to talk on MSN Messenger or Skype and other chat software by using Google's Translation tools. While good for romantic stuff, just be wary of discussing important things using machine translations.
  9. If you're both getting along well, then it's time to consider that trip to Russia. It's usually best to wait at least 3 months to get to know your Russian lady before you rush over and visit her. However, don't wait too long! If you wait more than 6 months then she will begin to think you're just another timewaster, and look for love elsewhere.
  10. Finally, plan to visit your lady for at least a week, and ideally three weeks. If you like her then consider getting her a fiance visa so she can come and live in your country for a few months before you consider whether marriage is right for both of you.


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