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International Marriage Agencies for Russian Brides

If you want to find a Russian or Eastern European wife by using online dating then it can be a time consuming process. There are many scammers and timewasters on the average Russian dating site, and the ladies you'll chat to aren't always marriage minded. An alternative to online dating is to use the services of an international marriage agency. These agencies specialise in finding foreign husbands for Russian or Eastern European women.

Many agencies started off in the mail order bride business. These days international marriage agencies have moved well beyond the mail order bride type of matchmaking, due to:

  • The internet makes it possible for their male and female members to communicate before they meet in person.
  • Immigration authorities in Western countries are much more strict about foreign brides. You can't buy a Russian wife online then go to your local airport to wait for her to arrive on a flight from Moscow.
  • The Russian economy has been transformed over the past decade. The country is prospering, and women in particular are finding it easier to find good jobs that can afford them a good standard of living. Increasingly Russian women are able to have a good lifestyle without needing a husband to finance it. Good matchmakers will have very high quality Russian ladies on their books. These ladies can be a lot more choosy when it comes to finding a foreign husband.
  • Foreign brides are increasingly popular, so ladies can often choose their husband, rather than the other way round.

Choosing an International Marriage Agency

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When choosing an international marriage agency or introduction agency, it is of course important to choose one that has offices in the country in which you want to find a bride from. Many agencies have offices in Western countries. It can be safer to use these, as you can complain to your local authorities if you have a bad experience with the agency.

Most Russian bride agencies charge an up-front fee, so make sure you know exactly what costs are involved. Few agencies will give you a cast iron guarantee that you'll find love through them, but many agencies will allow you to register for a set time period and will normally allow unlimited introductions during this time.

It's a good idea to look for agencies that can assist with language translations as well as assist with visa or marriage paperwork. It's far easier to get somebody to do these for you rather than struggle with them yourself.

International Marriage Agencies in Russia

There are a number of international marriage agencies in Russia and neighboring Eastern European countries. One of the most well regarded international marriage agency is A Belarus Bride.

LoveMe (AFA) have offices in a number of Russian and Eastern European cities. I'm a little wary of contacting ladies thorough this site, as the letter writing approach can be expensive and it's all too easy for fake ladies to be invented. But if you're thinking of visiting Russia and can't make the dates of their regular Russian romance tours, then they do allow you to visit their offices and arrange meetings with any number of the ladies registered with them.

So international marriage agencies can be a good alternative to online dating. Ladies registered with good quality Russian marriage agencies tend to be more marriage minded than many of the women you'll meet on dating websites. It can also be less time consuming to use an agency, and it's good to have an idea of the costs involved before you start booking flights to Eastern Europe to meet ladies you've talked to on dating sites.


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