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Meeting Hot Russian Ladies Online

Men fed up with women and marriage in their own countries often look for hot Russian ladies online. Here's some information about finding your dream beautiful Russian bride online.

While there are many Russian dating sites available online, with names like hotrussianbrides and Bride.Ru, sadly not many Russian dating sites have a good reputation. Sites aimed at finding Russian women for Western men to date are particularly hazardous.

Dating Tips and Advice for Meeting Hot Russian Ladies

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Most Russian dating sites allow you to sign up free of charge, so you can have a good look round the site. Some sites entice you in with galleries of sexy girls, and features like bride of the day. While these are great to look at, it's best to choose a site that has normal everyday looking Russian women on them.

While men like the idea of finding a hot Russian girl to date, don't forget that the former Soviet Union was made up of many different countries. It's particularly popular for men to look for gorgeous Ukrainian girls as well as Russian girls. There are also loads of ladies in other countries who are looking for love. There are the Baltic states such as Latvia, as well as many smaller countries bordering Russian and Ukraine.

To weed out the bad Russian dating sites from the best sites, just search for the dating site name together with "scam" and "forum". You'll often come across many men who have had relationship problems with ladies met through the site. Of course you have to put things into perspective - the larger dating sites will tend to have more disgruntled customers. Even well respected Russian dating sites like Russian Euro have scammers on them from time to time.

Scammers are generally after money, so avoid any lady who talks about needing money, or who mentions a sob story that can be fixed by you sending money. If you offer to send her money, then she'll often request larger and larger sums. So never send money to a Russian woman you've met online - honest ladies won't ask for money. Most scammers tend to be Russian girls in the 18-35 age range. Needless to say, scammers are usually beautiful Russian women.

As well as being on the look out for scammers, don't fall for the expensive dating sites trap! Since many of the Russian women you can meet online don't speak or write much English, dating sites sometimes offer letter and email translation services. You'll usually pay for each message you send and receive from a lady. This type of site can be very expensive! It's better to go for a flat rate dating site that allows you to contact as many women as you want. Don't worry if a Russian woman doesn't speak too much English - the Google Translator web page can do a pretty good job of translating Russian into English and back again. Just keep your English simple and it's possible to have a decent conversation with a Russian lady online.

Some sites also offer live chat facilities. On some sites it's free, but others you may need to pay for on a per minute basis. Again, be aware that costs can quickly escalate.

If you are worried about scams then an alternative is to use a dating agency. There are a number of agencies in Russia and the Ukraine. These often started off as Russian mail order bride companies, but now they tend to have websites where you can meet Russian ladies before you travel to meet them. If you use a professional agency then they'll help you out with translations, cultural relationship issues, and assist with your travel plans to Eastern Europe.

So if you want to meet hot Russian ladies online, there are plenty of dating sites where you can meet with them. Just be aware that there are plenty of online scammers, so be cautious at all stages.


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