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Finding Moldavian Women for Love and Marriage

The Republic of Moldova is a former Soviet country situated in the middle of Eastern Europe. It shares borders with Ukraine and Romania. The country is small, with approximately 3.5 million citizens. Its people speak Moldovan and Romanian. Russian is also widely spoken.

A large number of Moldovan citizens live and work abroad, often illegally and in poor conditions. Human trafficking is a particular issue. A much smaller percentage of the population go to live in other countries as mail order brides of Western European and American men.

As far as Moldavian women go, physically they look identical to Russian or Ukrainian ladies. Most Moldavian women you come across on mail order bride type websites will speak Russian. Moldova might be a little more difficult to travel to compared to a major city in Russia or the Ukraine. Crime is also a particular issue, so you should be careful when making plans to visit ladies in Moldova.

Finding Moldavian Women for Marriage

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Moldavian women are fairly common on most online dating sites, especially those focused on Russian and Eastern European mail order brides. There aren't as many Moldavian women as there are Russian or Ukrainian women on these sites though. This is in part due to the small size of Moldavia, and the fact that so many of its population of working age are already living in different countries.

Moldavian women can be found on City of Brides, Heavenly Hearts, Elena's Models and Ro-Mantik. At the time of writing there were 82 Moldavian women on City of Brides, and 100 on Elena's Models. Elena's Models is probably the pick of these dating sites on account of its reasonable charges and less scam reports than other Russian dating sites.

AFA/LoveMe also list a few ladies from Moldova on their various Russian online personals sites. They also run romance tours in the region, but not currently to Moldova. LoveMe has plenty of good testimonies from satisfied customers. However, I personally was disappointed with their customer support. And their sites are expensive.

Russian Euro is probably worth a look as it's one of the largest Russian dating sites available. Good things I like about Russian Euro are the fact that for a flat rate fee you can chat to as many members as you like. Upgrading membership from free to a paid status also means you'll get loads of female admirers. Like the other Cupid Media sites, Russian Euro also tends to attract some high quality female members. Not only are they often very beautiful, but they often also have good careers. More importantly, the site has plenty of English speaking ladies, so you don't have the translation issues you get when using other dating sites.

Alternatives to Moldavian Brides

So if you're not sure about finding a Moldavian wife then what are the alternatives? There are many former Soviet countries where you can find mail order brides. Examples are Belarus and Ukraine. Ukraine is probably the most popular former Soviet country to visit - Ukrainian ladies are particularly numerous on the Russian mail order bride themed sites. There are also Ukrainian themed dating sites such as Ukraine Date.

Russia is itself is also a popular place to find Eastern European mail order brides.

So if you're interested in finding Moldavian women for marriage then you should have no problems finding them online.


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