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NatashaClub - Russian Mail Order Brides Dating

NatashaClub is a Russian mail order brides dating site where you can send letters to Russian ladies online. Many of the female members of the site are from the Ukraine, but there are also a few Russian ladies living in Western Europe and North America.

NatashaClub is a letter writing site. You can sign up for free membership of the site. However, if you want to communicate with a lady then you have to buy credits. NatashaClub works a little differently to the majority of the letter writing types of mail order bride site. You're not charged when you send a letter to a Russian girl, you only have to pay to read her responses.

There's also another difference with NatashaClub. On the site the number of credits (and hence the cost in US dollars) you pay to read a letter varies by lady. Invariably it costs more to read letters from the sexist Russian ladies on the site. The reason for this is that it's claimed it helps spread the letter writing around. On many dating sites the minority of ladies get the most letters, so this way it encourages men to send letters to the more ordinary looking girls.

As far as the website facilities go, it has a comprehensive search engine, with plenty of advanced search options. Once you've clicked on a lady you like you can view her profile. Profiles include a photo, a bit of information about herself, and maybe her video. You can also rate her, and presumably this feeds back into how many credits you have to pay in order to contact her. Ladies also have photo galleries, with some ladies having around 9 photos available for you to view. This is more than a lot of other Russian dating sites.

Other facilities on the site include the ability to see new members and the most popular (i.e. beautiful) members. You can also send a lady flowers or a food basket. These are useful services if you want a bit more proof that the lady you're writing to actually exists - just ask her to send you a photo of her with your gift.

NatashaClub also provides a full background check or fast scam check of the ladies you're talking to. While in theory these are useful, are you seriously going to trust the report to be independent? If you want to do this kind of thing on your Russian bride, then find your own independent private investigator!

NatashaClub Reviews

Like many Russian dating sites, there are all kinds of reviews on various websites. Be aware that many of these reviews are written by people who haven't actually used the sites. Another thing to bear in mind is that often reviews of dating sites are written by people who are also affiliates of the site, i.e. they get paid to sign new members up to the site. If you're an affiliate of a site you're obviously going to want to write a fairly favorable review of the site.

NatashaClub Scams

There are plenty of reports of men having problems with NatashaClub online dating. There are the usual problems associated with letter writing sites. Since the site and maybe the marriage agencies they're relying on for ladies get money each time you read a letter, there's a huge incentive to get men reading more letters. Ways of doing this include sending you lots of interests from ladies, even if they're not really interested in you. There's also evidence that there are fake ladies on the site, or ladies who are already in a relationship with someone. Of course all of these issues are immensely difficult to prove. But if you read the Russian dating forums you'll probably come to the conclusion that NatashaClub has rather a lot of disgruntled customers.

One particular issue is that Natasha Club makes it quite hard to get the contact details of ladies so you can communicate with them outside of the site. Often dating sites cite the IMBRA laws as reasons why they won't give out ladies personal contact details. But sometimes IMBRA is just used as an excuse to keep you spending money writing letters. A particular issue is that IMBRA only applies to US residents - US laws do not apply if you're Canadian or Australian, yet even if you're from one of these countries you might still find it very hard to get the lady's actual email address.

NatashaClub Alternatives

There are certainly real ladies on Natasha Club, but finding the good ones will usually cost you a lot of money on a letter writing site such as this.

So what are the alternatives?

One route to go down if you want to find a bride from the former Soviet Union is to use a marriage agency like Belarus Brides. This agency has a great reputation. There are a few other agencies. It's best to look for those which don't have thousands of women listed on the site. This way you'll be more certain that the ladies are being hand picked for suitability as wives of foreign men.

If you want to go it alone then sign up to a site like Elena's Models or RussianEuro. You'll have to be on the lookout for scammers, but then scammers can just as easily be found on As long as you never send money to a girl you meet on one of these sites then you're unlikely to get scammed. The good thing about these sites is that they attract a lot of professional Russian ladies with internet access at home or at work. These ladies aren't so easy to attract, but they can make great Russian wives.

So NatashaClub is another Russian dating site with a fairly dubious reputation. Yes there are plenty of nice and genuine ladies on this site. However, all letter writing sites usually end up costing their male members hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. By contrast, a full year's membership of RussianEuro will cost you around $165.


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