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How to Find Polish Mail Order Brides

Russian and Ukraine mail order brides are very popular. But are there alternatives to these countries? Is it possible to find a mail order bride from Poland? Here's all you need to know about finding a Polish mail order bride.

Poland and its Place in Europe

Poland had a bad 20th century! First the Germans invaded. Then after the Second World War it fell behind the Iron Curtain, and got largely cut off from Western Europe. But Polish fighting spirit meant it was one of the very first countries to prosper with the fall of Soviet Communism.

Today Poland has a diverse economy. Poland has been economically much more successful than former Soviet countries such as the Ukraine.

So why does that matter if you're interested in finding a Polish mail order bride? Well the Polish economy is thriving. As a result Polish women aren't so interested in marrying their way out of poverty. Consequently it's not going to be as easy to find a Polish wife on a marriage website than it would be to find a Polish girl.

One huge advantage Poland has is that as a member of the European Union, its citizens are free to find work in other European countries. Consequently there are large numbers of Polish men and women working in Western Europe. Polish people often take the lower paid and unskilled jobs that Western European people don't want to do, so in this respect they're sort of like our Mexicans. But there are also large numbers of skilled Polish workers in other countries, for example many plumbers in the UK come from Poland - Polish plumbers and builders are a bit of a cultural icon in London.

Where to Find Polish Mail Order Brides

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If you live in Western Europe and are young, then the best place to find a Polish wife is probably to just use a dating site that's based in your own country. These women tend to be hard working and industrious, and are the sort of women who would make great wives. They'll also usually speak at least one Western European language, with English being particularly widely spoken. Usually Polish girls who work overseas tend to be in the 20-35 age range.

If you want to look for an older lady or you don't live in an area with a large Polish ex-pat population, then try a dating site such as Russian Euro. Despite the name, this is a very popular online dating service throughout Eastern Europe. The site offers a totally free trial so you can sign up and see if you like any of the women on the site.

You can also often find sexy Polish girls on Russian dating sites like BestRussianWoman. Just be aware that there are often plenty of scammers on these sorts of Easter European mail order bride types of websites. But if you remember the essential rule of not sending money to any single women you meet on these types of sites then you'll avoid the majority of the scammers.

So are Polish women a good alternative to beautiful Russian women? Well Poland is easier to travel to than either Russia or the Ukraine, with regular flights to Warsaw from other cities around the world. Polish isn't a particularly easy language to learn, but it's easy enough to find beautiful Polish girls who speak some English. Polish women are very beautiful, and they look very similar to Russian or Ukrainian ladies. You should also find it easier to get a green card or visa for a Polish fiancé due to Poland's membership of the EU. Polish people can also travel freely around Europe, so it's easier to take your new bride on a memorable honeymoon to one of the great European cities.

Culturally, Polish people are very Westernised. So Polish dating would be very straightforward compared to dating an Asian mail order bride.

Alternatives to Polish Mail Order Brides

There are a large number of countries in Eastern Europe. Most men looking for mail order brides tend to head for either Russia or the Ukraine. Smaller countries like Belarus, Latvia or Lithuania shouldn't be overlooked though. Other alternatives to Poland include Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. All of these countries are very easy to travel to from other parts of the world.

If you want a more personalised dating experience, then it's worth looking for a Polish dating agency. Many agencies tend to be quite small, and are frequently run by Eastern European ladies who have married Western men.

Eastern European and Russian brides have developed a poor reputation for often being scammers or just interested in green cards. Increasing numbers of men and choosing instead to look for Latin mail order brides from Central or South America. Finally, Asia is a popular destination for international dating, with increasing numbers of Western men choosing to find brides from the Philippines and other countries.

So if you're interested in finding an Eastern European bride then Poland is well worth considering. Sign up to a site like Russian Euro or BestRussianWoman and see if you like the idea of finding a Polish bride.


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