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Rus Women - Meet Sexy Russian Women Online is a Russian dating website where you can meet Russian and Eastern European ladies online.

It appears the site is operated by Dating and Matchmaking Inc. They appear to have a number of different Russian dating sites. Despite the name, the women on the Rus Women site aren't exclusively from Russia. There are also women from the Ukraine and other former Soviet countries such as Belarus.

The main search engine is quite basic. There's also an advanced search engine. Again, it's not as sophisticated as on sites such as Russian Euro.

One nice feature is that you can search for women that aren't getting much attention. As with most dating sites, a few women get the most interest from men. I don't know why because in my experience these women are a nightmare to live with. So if you contact the ladies who haven't had so much attention you'll probably be welcomed with open arms!

One other thing I've noticed with this site is that there are quite a number of Russian women who are already living in the USA. Some US cities such as New York, Boston and LA have significant Russian and Eastern European populations, so it can be easier to date these ladies since they're already living in your own country.

Rus Women has features not seen on other Russian dating sites. There's a contest facility. This allows members to login and rate photos that other members have uploaded. Obviously the bikini contest is very popular!

The site also has a psychological matching feature. Whether this works is anyone's guess. Some of the larger dating sites offer this type of feature, but people aren't always impressed with the partners it suggests as good matches.

Rus Women Reviews and Scams

Is Rus women a good dating site to use?

The main thing that puts me off this site is the lack of a postal address or telephone support number. I'm sorry, but if you're going to be taking payments from people and storing their personal details then you need to show that you're a legitimate business. For this reason it's best to avoid this site.

What else is known about Rus Women? Jim's Lists (a well known antiscam site) doesn't list much about them. There are also few reports (good or bad) on other sites such as Romance Scam. Reviews are hard to come by, apart from the many fake reviews posted by review sites that make money from acting as affiliates of the very same sites that they review.

There are some bad signs about the site. The front page shows very sexy Russian bikini brides - this is often a sign that men are being lured in using the old sex sells thing. The company also appear to operate many different dating sites with large numbers of different domain names, so there may be Rus Women, Rus Girls, etc.. This is often a bad sign as companies with a bad reputation often seek to hide their past by operating under different domains. This is apparent in the Chinese dating scene, where Chnlove (a site with a pretty bad reputation) appear to be rebranding themselves as ChineseWomenDate.

Rus Women also claims to have more than 180,000 women listed on the site. This is a huge number of women. Despite what they say, it's pretty hard to keep track of such vast numbers of Russian women. I'm currently trying hard to keep track of just four women on a dating site. So needless to say if you contact a woman on this site then you'll have to do your own digging to ensure that she's really single, is really serious about having a long term relationship with a Western man, and is completely serious about moving to another country.

On the other hand, the website's pricing structure is reasonable. The website has a flat rate membership plan. This is much better than the letter writing sites that charge you for ladies' email addresses or charge you to read letters from ladies. There's also a low cost one month plan so you could easily try out Rus Women and see if it's a good site. The annual membership also offers good value.

So I guess that the summary for this site would be the same as Jim from Jim's Lists assessment - "?". Is it a good site? Is it a bad site? Who knows. By all means try Rus Women, but as with other Russian dating sites just be on the lookout for scammers and timewasters.


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