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Russian Bride Tours of Russia and the Ukraine

Looking for a Russian bride but don't want to travel to Russia or Eastern Europe on your own? A Russian bride tour may be the answer.

Russian bride tours, or romance tours to give them their other commonly used name, are a vacation in Russia or the Ukraine where you get to do a little sightseeing and meet dozens of Russian ladies looking for marriage to a Western man.

Russian Bride Tour Companies

Russian bride tours are run by a number of companies. The two most active companies providing tours are Anastasia and A Foreign Affair. A Foreign Affair is often also known as LoveMe or AFA. Both companies operate a number of different mail order bride themed websites. Both companies also offer tours to other destinations around the world, including Latin tours of Central and South America, and tours to Asia.

Are Russian Bride Tours Worthwhile?

One major drawback of Russian bride tours is the cost. The average tour costs several thousand dollars. Sometimes an airfare is included, which makes the cost more reasonable. But often the airfare is only applicable if you travel from an airport such as New York JFK. If you don't live on the East Coast of America then you'll probably have to factor in the cost of the airfare to JFK as well. Of course if you live elsewhere or book on a tour where the airfare isn't included then that's a further expense. On travel websites such as Expedia you don't usually get such a great deal on a flight if you're not booking accommodation at the same time, so that's something else to be aware of.

Many Russian bride singles tours give you all kinds of extras. But are these worth the big premium over just booking your own flight and hotel and arranging to meet some ladies yourself? Let's look at what AFA offer on their Russian bride tours. They give you your flight from JFK to Russia and back. They also throw in the hotel. Invariably you could easily book these yourself using a site such as Expedia. Airport transfers are thrown in. It depends what Russian city you're flying to, but normally a taxi to and from the airport to your hotel isn't expensive. You get a sightseeing tour, but then if you're meeting a lady in Russia by yourself then you'll invariably get a tour anyway!

AFA also throw in a month's Platinum membership of their website. This is useful. However, AFA's sites are very expensive compared to a site such as Russian Euro. Their women tend to also upload professionally shot studio photos, and it can be hard to determine what the lady actually looks like from these. They give you a Foreign Bride 101 eBook which is nice, but it's not really going to tell you any much more than you can find out by reading websites like the Russian Dating Sites Guide and Russian bride forums. The fiancee visa green card kit is only of use to USA residents. And if you want things done quickly properly you're usually better off finding an immigration lawyer to do it for you.

As to the trip itself, AFA usually lay on 2 or 3 social events where you can meet lots of Russian ladies. They usually claim there will be dozens or even hundreds of ladies for you to meet. But remember that these won't be ladies you've selected. The ladies will be all kinds of ages and there's no guarantee you will like any of them.

AFA do make translators and interpreters available should you need them. These can be quite expensive if you hire them for a trip yourself. But look on a site like Russian Euro and you'll find plenty of ladies who speak some English. So you'd only really need an interpreter if you're interested in a lady who speaks absolutely no English whatsoever. Speaking from personal experience, I met a Chinese girl in China. She only spoke high school standard English and I spoke 5 words of Mandarin. Yet we managed to get a train to and from her home town, we went on a river trip and we managed to go shopping for the items I wanted to bring home. So don't be too intimidated by the language barrier - things are much easier when you're with a lady in person.

So basically what you're paying that you can't get elsewhere are for 2-3 social events where you might or might not meet the lady of your dreams. You're also paying for a lot of hand holding, which you might like the idea of if you've not travelled much overseas before. Some men like this, others who like to do their own thing might hate it. It's very much a personal choice.

To give a rough idea of cost, I was interested in going on one of AFA's tours. I've wasted countless hours on dating sites looking for that special lady. I liked the idea of meeting ladies in person. But I did the math. It would have cost me around $1000 more to attend the AFA tour than it would to have booked my own vacation. The extra costs came from staying extra nights in the hotel (the 7 day tour was just too short to establish a relationship with a lady, so I wanted to stay a lot longer), and having to book flights separately. On top of that, I've booked a trip to a much better city to visit - some of AFA's choices of destination for its romance tours are rather curious in my opinion.

As far as previous customers of the tour companies are concerned, many men are happy with their experiences of the marriage tours they've been on. The most satisfied men tend to be those who don't go with too much expectation of meeting a Russian lady for marriage. Love is pretty random, and there's no 100% guarantee that you'll meet the Russian girl of your dreams on one of these tours. But if you treat it as a fantastic vacation then you'll come back a lot more satisfied.

So to summarise this review, Russian bride tours are worth a look, particularly if you're completely new to travelling overseas or you want a lot of hand holding in your search for a foreign bride. But they are expensive compared to arranging a trip yourself.


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