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Russian Brides Australia: Russian Brides for Australian Men

Russian Brides Australia.Com.Au is a Russian mail order brides website aimed at Australian men seeking Russian wives. The site is popular with Australian men who:

  • Are in their 30's - 50's and know that they want a bride from Russia.
  • Men who find it hard to find wives and girlfriends in Australia because they work as farmers, miners or in other professions where it's difficult to meet women.
  • Men who don't like trying to meet women in bars or clubs, and would rather get to know somebody online first.
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Russian Brides Australia has a good selection of Russian ladies available on its site. There aren't so many ladies on the site as there are on other sites. This is a good sign, as it means that unsuitable ladies are being weeded out. Less is more as far as dating sites are concerned. There isn't a site search facility so you have to do a good deal of browsing to find ladies you're interested in. But at the time of writing there were only 23 pages of ladies, so it's not a huge task to browse the personals.

The ladies all appear to be from Russia (and not the Ukraine like with other Russian dating sites), and they're from a range of Russian cities. The ladies are mostly in the 25-45 age bracket. The Russian lady photos are a bit small, so if you chat to a lady you meet on the site it's probably a good idea to get her to send you more photos.

So is Russian Brides Australia a good Russian dating site to use? In its favour, the prices advertised on the site are reasonable. It's one of the more affordable Russian dating sites available. For a fixed monthly or annual fee you can request as many ladies email addresses as you want. If you pay a little extra you can also get your profile distributed to Russian ladies looking for husbands. Note though that this isn't always such a good thing. You can end up getting contacted by a lot of ladies you're not interested in. It also makes you much more susceptible to scammers, since scam ladies tend to prefer to contact their victims, rather than wait for a victim to contact them.

Beyond this though, there isn't a great deal known about Russian Brides Australia. It's not mentioned that much in romance forums, and there don't seem to be many stories of men meeting scammers through the site. It's certainly under the radar a great deal more than sites like City of Brides or Army of Brides.

At the end of the day, it's essential to be cautious when starting a new relationship with anybody, regardless of what country they're from or where you met them. If you follow the golden rule of not sending somebody money, then you're far less likely to get scammed.

Alternatives to Russian Brides Australia

Russian Euro is a good Russian dating site. The advantage of this is that for one fee you can contact as many ladies as you like. You don't also need to pay extra in order for your profile to become visible to the Russian ladies on the site. There are plenty of Australian men using this site. One good feature of Russian Euro is that your own profile isn't visible on the Internet so it's much more difficult for people to find out you're a member of the site.

Elena's Models also has a fairly good reputation. This site is again fairly affordable.

It's a good idea to stay away from letter writing sites that charge you each time you contact a Russian lady. Also be wary of the sites like AFA/LoveMe that charge you more than $10 to request a lady's email address - costs can very quickly mount up. Sites that spin you stories of internet access or webcam chatting being expensive in Russia are also to be avoided. They're usually trying to get you to pay for webcam chat sessions that can cost as much as $1 a minute. Often these sites are trying to pull the wool over your eyes and get you to believe that Russian ladies live in tin shacks with leaky roofs. The reality is that many Russian mail order brides actually have good jobs and more often than not have a computer at home or at work.

If you want to go down the introduction agency route then try sites like A Belarus Bride. These can often cost more than dating sites but you're paying for a more personalised matchmaking service.

Finally, apart from Russia there are other countries where Australian men prefer to find mail order brides. Here's more information about finding brides from Indonesia and other countries.


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