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Russian Dating Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1)

Here are a few Russian dating frequently asked questions. If you want to find the answers to a particular question that's not asked here, then use the search facility at the top of this page.

Here are a few Russian dating frequently asked questions. If you want to find the answers to a particular question that's not asked here, then use the search facility at the top of this page.

What's the best Russian chat site?

There are all kinds of Russian chat sites. Which one is best for you depends what you're looking for. If you just want to chat, use a chat site. If you're after sexy chat, use a site that has words like flirt on the site. Just be aware that some of these sexy chat sites can be expensive. Finally, if you're marriage minded then try using a site like Russian Euro. Take out a subscription to Russian Euro and you can chat to as many Russian and Eastern European ladies as you can handle. Just be curteous and if a lady says she's looking for marriage then don't waste her time if you're already married or in a relationship!

Are Russian brides safe? What are the dangers of Russian wives?

Dating Russian ladies is risky, but it's not that much more risky than dating a woman from your own country. Sadly there are game players everywhere. Particular risks in dating Russian ladies are:

  • There are many scam ladies on Russian dating sites, although if you never send ladies money then you'll be OK. Scammers are quite easy to spot the more experienced you get at online dating.
  • Some ladies are after green cards or visas. These are harder to spot. Be wary of ladies who say they definitely want to relocate to a Western country - this is a big step and nobody should definitely want to live overseas permanently with a man they barely know. Be wary of ladies who want to move to a specific country - they may already have a boyfriend there and just need a sucker to help them get visa.
  • Some ladies may have medical problems and they think they can get better treatment in the West.
  • Some Russian ladies are just crazy, and aren't good marriage partners. Avoid these by getting them over on a 6 month fiancee visa and get to know the real person behind those glossy studio photos.

Why do Russian women get married to Westerners?

Let's not beat around the bush - Western men have money! But then women in most countries prefer wealthier men. Beyond this though, Russian women think Western men are kind and make good husbands. How much of this is based on what they've seen in Hollywood movies is open to debate. But Western men do have a good reputation overseas.

There are also other factors. There's a man shortage in Russia and Eastern Europe. Wars in Chechnya and Afganistan have lead to a generation of Russians where women greatly outnumber men. Eastern European men are also often heavy alcohol drinkers, which drastically reduces life expectancy. In fact many men in Western Europe are also heavy drinkers, but while the English drink beer and the French and Spanish wine, Russian men usually prefer very strong spirits like Vodka. Drink a bottle of Vodka a day and you'll often take years off your life expectancy.

If the Ukraine is poor how do the women dress so beautifully?

Yes the Ukrainian economy is not in a great shape, and it is much harder to find a good job compared to in other European countries. Yet Ukrainian ladies always seem to be so well dressed. A lot of this is just down to culture - Ukrainian ladies take great pride in their appearance. It's the same in many other countries. I visited a lady in China. She didn't earn much by Western standards, and her city was pretty rundown. But she was always beautifully dressed, and I've seen very few British women in my own city dress as well as she did. This is partly why Western men are increasingly looking for brides in foreign countries - they still take great pride in their appearance, much like most Western women did in the 1950's and 60's.


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