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Russian Dating Frequently Asked Questions (Part 9)

Here are some more answers to Russian dating frequently asked questions. Got a question of your own? Our contact details are available from the Contact link at the top of this page.

Do Russian Women Age Well?

So, do Russian women age well? I'd say that they might age slightly better than Western women. But they're not going to be a match for Asian women. When I visited my Chinese girlfriend's family, her mom was 55 but looked about 40. Her skin was flawlessly beautiful, without a wrinkle in sight.

No, Russian women couldn't match that. And remember that many Russian ladies smoke, whereas Chinese ladies hardly ever smoke (unless they're bad girls).

There is a way to get the best of both worlds, however. And that's to look for Russian women from the more Eastern parts of Russia, or the former Soviet countries. You'll find that the women are more Asian looking, but speak Russian. These girls are hot, and could be the ideal Russian bride. It's not so easy to find them though, so expect to put in a bit of effort looking for them on Russian Euro or Elena's Models.

Are Russian Women Prostitutes?

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No of course they're not!

However, if you mention to your friends or family that you're interested in looking for a Russian wife, then you might have to put up with a lot of suggestions like this.

Just be aware though that a lot of Russian women are prostitutes. They're also very popular with rich men from Asia and the Middle East who like to sail around on their yatchs with a host of beautiful ladies. Are these women prostitutes? Make your own mind up here.

Personally I've seen quite a few Russian women in some of the larger Chinese cities. Are these women prostitutes? My friend told me they were shoe designers, but I wasn't so sure myself.

One thing to be aware of when choosing ladies to chat to on a Russian dating site is that there are a fair number of professional daters and good time girls on these sites. They'll beg you to come and visit them. You'll have a fantastic time visiting them. But they're not always marriage minded. Instead, they might be lonely and looking for sex, or they want a man to take them shopping and give them a lifestyle that they see other Russian girls having on TV or in celebrity magazines.

These women are sometimes difficult to spot. Generally they'll often have a child or other commitments that means that they're reluctant to go down the mail order brides route and go live in another country. They could also be young, and they might put in their profile that they're not sure they want to move to another country.

By all means visit these Russian women, but if you're on a limited budget and definitely want a wife then they can really waste your time.

Are Russian Girls Gold Diggers?

So are Russian girls gold diggers? The main point here is that you'll find gold diggers in any country, not just in Russia.

Of course, with the average American man being a lot richer than the average Russian, Russian dating sites will attract many gold diggers. They're not always too difficult to spot. They usually wear designer clothes and look fashionable in their profile photos. Russian women who have made their own money tend to be more conservatively dressed.

When it comes to meeting women in person, just take them shopping and see how much of your money they spend!

Not all Russian women are gold diggers though. Spotting good and honest ladies on dating sites does take time and experience.

Are Russian Women Any Good?

So are Russian women any good? I think the main thing to remember is that it very much depends on the individual woman. In my own search for a foreign bride I've met some great woman and some not so great women. I've got to say that finding your ideal Russian woman will take a lot of time, effort and money. If you're up for the challenge then you'll have a great time searching for the one.


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