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How Much Does a Russian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Here's some information about Russian mail order bride prices. Obviously it's not really possible to "buy" a wife unless you contact some shady underground people traffickers. Many people are also understandably uncomfortable with the whole idea of mail order brides. So this article is aimed at a Western man who is interested in finding a Russian or Eastern European bride, but who wants some hard facts about the costs involved.

These days the mail order bride industry doesn't really exist in its previous form. These days it's possible for Western men and Russian women to chat to each other on the Internet, so they can get to know each other before marriage. In any case it's generally not possible to buy a Russian bride off the internet and wait for her to arrive at the airport. Immigration authorities are now much stricter about Westerners marrying foreign people, and Russian and Ukrainian brides usually arouse a lot of suspicion. In many cases immigration authorities will want to see proof of a relationship before they let your new Russian bride into the country.

Russian Bride Finding Expenses

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The first task is to look for a Russian bride. There are lots of dating sites that allow you to chat to Russian and Eastern European ladies online. Many of these women now have internet access at home or at work, or they can visit one of the numerous internet cafes that are found in most towns and cities.

There are a lot of free Russian dating services. While 100% free dating sites are theoretically a good idea, they might be a false economy. Firstly they have tens of thousands of members, so searching for your dream bride might take you huge amounts of time, and for many people time is money. Free sites usually have pretty basic search tools, so be prepared to view an awful lot of profiles. Another problem with free sites is that they're very popular with dating site scammers, and weeding them out takes even more time. Free sites are also popular with dishonest people and timewasters, such as women who are already married.

So if you're retired or you have plenty of time on your hands then by all means try a free dating site. If however you're working and have more money than free time then head for one of the subscription sites. Russian Euro is worth a look. Annoyingly most dating sites make it difficult to find out how much they cost, because they want to sign you up straight away. In general though, you shouldn't have to spend more than $200 a year for membership of a dating site. Most of them (including Russian Euro) give significant discounts if you sign up for 6 months or the full year. Finding a mail order bride may take longer than you think, so it's a good idea to take out that annual subscription to the dating site.

If you want to keep a lid on costs, then one type of site to be wary of is the letter writing site. These are free to join, but you have to pay each time you send or receive an email from one of the ladies on the site. Foreign Ladies is one such site. While they make it possible to communicate with Russian ladies who don't speak much English, they are expensive. What's more alarming is that they're wide open to fraud and it's all too easy to find you're spending money writing to a lady who doesn't exist or who may not even be getting the letters you're sending.

Once you've found a lady you're interested in, then you'll need to budget for the trip to her country in order to meet her. Make sure you budget for the airfare and hotel. Russia and Eastern Europe are pretty cheap places to visit, but remember that in order to impress, you might want to wine and dine the ladies you meet in style. Remember that cities such as Moscow have some of the finest and most expensive restaurants in the world. Russian ladies on dating sites are from all sections of society, so if you're dating one of the ladies from the upper reaches of society then you may need a big wallet.

Before you visit your lady's country, make sure you have some idea of what the typical cost is for things you might want to buy. That way you're less likely to get ripped off. Make sure you have a plan for getting from the airport to your hotel - this is the most likely way the locals will try to rip you off. Research if there is an airport train or bus service as these are usually much cheaper and safer than taxis.

Jetlag of more than 7 hours time difference can be draining on the body and the mind, so go for as long as you can so that you can let your head re-adjust. Always have a backup plan if you go to meet a lady. Ladies are after all human. She might pull out of the meeting at the last moment, so bear this in mind. It's certainly possible to meet more than one lady on a trip. If you're visiting a lady represented by an introduction agency then tell them you're visiting and ask them if they have other ladies that might be interested in meeting you.

Preparation is key to a successful trip. You need to be pretty sure your lady isn't a scammer and that the trip won't be a total waste of time and money. This is where it pays to use a reputable dating site, and where a free dating site can be a false economy.

All Inclusive Mail Order Bride Prices

If you are a man of modest means then it's often better to use an all inclusive marriage agency.

Most introduction agencies operate on a fixed fee service. Expect to pay around $3000 for the service. The service usually includes finding you a suitable bride, help with the marriage arrangements and help with visa paperwork. Before signing up to an introduction agency, make sure you have a good idea of all the costs involved, plus any extras you might need to budget for. There are plenty of shady businesses operating in Russia and Eastern Europe, so it's usually best to use an agency that also has offices in the United States or another Western country. Failing that, try to find one that is run by a Western man or woman.

While fee based introduction agencies may sound impersonal, bear in mind that many of the ladies using this service are very busy. They have no time to waste talking to men on dating sites. Many of the ladies are often divorced, so they're not really interested in lavish wedding ceremonies the second time around.

Marriage and Visa Costs

Before getting engaged it's best to talk to your lady about what type of wedding she's expecting. A lady getting married for the second time will usually have more modest dreams about her wedding day.

Depending on her background, sometimes your bride's family will be expecting some sort of financial settlement in order for you to marry her. Make sure you negotiate this before you walk up the aisle! Also make sure that you've discussed issues surrounding her children, if she has any from a previous marriage.

Living Costs

Don't forget the costs associated with being married to a foreign lady! Most immigration authorities will only allow your new bride to join you in your country if you can show that you can support her. Usually this means you need to own or rent your own property and have a reasonable source of income. Bear in mind she may not be eligible for healthcare or other government provided benefits. Remember that ladies like to buy new clothes and shoes and have go on vacations and stuff. Make sure you have enough money to be able to treat her like a princess!

If you want your new wife to work then make sure she's aware of that. If your new bride's standard of English is not good then she might have very limited opportunities to find good jobs in your own country. Bear in mind that Russian ladies often have a fairly good standard of living in their home countries. The service sector has expanded enormously over the recent years, and in many countries throughout the world, women now find it easier to find good jobs than do men. If your Russian bride has a good job in her own country, then she might be very disappointed if she can only get a basic minimum wage cleaning job in your country.

Many men looking for Russian brides have previously been married. If this is the case, then make sure you can afford any costs involved with supporting your ex-wife or your children from a previous marriage, as well as your new wife.

So hopefully that has been a good basic guide to mail order bride prices and what kind of costs are involved with finding a bride from Russia or Eastern Europe.


Dan on 15 January 2012
I have a pension income of around $1600 a month. Is that a enough to buy a Russian bride and bring her back to the states?

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