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Why Do Russian Women Age Poorly?

Why do Russian women age poorly?

First of all is there any truth in this? I guess it's true to some extent. Some of the 20 something Russian girls you see on the television and on Russian dating sites are amongst the hottest girls on the planet! And I guess it's no coincidence that so many modelling agencies hire tall and thin teenagers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

Sadly Russian women don't seem to age so well, and the older Russian women you see on the TV tend to be quite overweight and not in such great health.

So why do they age so badly?

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How fast a woman ages is to some extent dependent upon genetics. And it's a simple fact that Caucasian women don't tend to age as well as Asian women. From living in Europe, and visiting Asia on vacation, I've seen this with my own eyes.

Not all aging is due to genetics though - far from it! Women who don't live their lives well won't always age well.

I guess smoking and alcohol are two major culprits. A lot of Eastern European women smoke. I guess quite a number drink as well. And in Eastern Europe it tends to be strong spirits like vodka that are most popular, and these usually cause far more alcohol related health issues compared to wines or beers.

Eastern European food isn't always so healthy either. Given the cold climate during the winter there's a lot of fat and carbs that will cause women to pile on the pounds, especially in later life.

So what's the solution?

As this is a dating advice website, my ideas are aimed at men seeking Eastern European wives. So if you're a man worrying about whether your prospective Russian bride will age poorly, then you need to:

Avoid ladies who smoke! Many Russian dating sites allow you to filter out these women. Of course, not all women are truthful. Take it from me I once dated a Chinese girl who claimed to not smoke. Well she turned up for our first date reeking of cigarette smoke, and one of her snapshots showed her holding a cigarette! Oh well, if you do get to the stage where you meet a Russian girl in person, check to see if her fingers or teeth have those tell tale yellow stains from too much smoking. And heavy smokers can't disguise their habit - they generally smell like walking tobacco factories!

Avoid ladies who drink! Again, many Russian dating sites allow you to filter out these women. Alcohol tends to dry out skin, so it's not good for a woman's complexion. Needless to say, don't date any of the many alcoholics who live in Eastern Europe, these women will cause you a lifetime of problems should you get romantically involved with them.

Russian women with Asian genes can age more gracefully. You'll find these ladies in the far East of Russia. Identify them by their narrow eyes (that look Chinese). On the downside, Eastern Russia is quite difficult to travel to, but the quality of lady will make it worthwhile.

Finally, go for a younger bride! It's not usually too difficult to find a Russian girl who is 10-15 years your junior. Obviously it's more risky marrying a younger woman. Try to find a girl who is emotionally mature. And obviously go into such a marriage with your eyes open! She's probably very interested in your money, you're interested in her hot body. Often these relationships do work, but you need to make sure you both get what you want out of the relationship.


Ted B on 12 February 2012
If you're worried about aging just marry a 21 year old Russian girl!

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