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Why Do Russian Women Marry Foreigners?

Why do Russian women want to marry foreigners? What's wrong with Russian men?

Basically there are three main reasons why Russian women look to marry foreign men:

  1. There is a lack of men in Russia and other Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Belarus.
  2. Many Russian ladies think Russian men are unsuitable as husbands.
  3. Russian women think they can have a better life for themselves and their children in a Western country like the USA.

So let's tackle these issues in turn:

Lack of Men

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The lack of men in Russia has been well documented. Wars in Afganistan and the Chechen Republic have certainly taken a toll on certain generations of Russian men.

Beyond this though, vodka and poor diet and healthcare have also played their part. A consequence of all this hardship is that men in Russia have one of the lowest life expectancies in the world. It's certainly a lot lower than Russian women.

Factor in additional issues such as young men being much more likely to die in accidents, fights or industrial accidents, and you can see why there's a lack of men in Russia.

Russian Men Are Bad Husbands

Are Russian men bad husbands? I guess a fair amount of this is the familiar grass is greener syndrome, where women everywhere think that the men in their own country are pretty bad compared to men in other countries.

Much of this is of course due to so many men in Hollywood rom-coms and other movies being depicted as ideal husbands.

Of course there are plenty of bad Russian men around. Russian men have a reputation for hard living, and many Russian women want to avoid the many men who gamble or drink heavily. And it's not too hard for Russian women to find American husbands who don't come home after a day's work and down an entire bottle of vodka.

A Better Life Overseas

The Russian economy isn't doing too badly these days. However, it's the familiar story of the elite at the top doing very nicely, and most other people stuggling to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

You also have to factor in the cold, dark Russian winters and you can see why so many women dream of a life in California or elsewhere.

Obviously women with children or who want children want to bring them up in a country with plenty of opportunities. For these women America is still the #1 destination, so Russian women are very interested in dating American men. Consequently they'll often date a man who is a little older than their idea man would be, and they might settle for a man who doesn't look like a movie star.

So there are three of the common reasons as to why a Russian lady would want to marry a foreign man. If you're thinking of dating a Russian girl, then it's always useful to find out what her motives are for dating foreign men.


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