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RussianEuro Scams - How to Spot a RussianEuro Dating Scammer

RussianEuro is one of the most popular Russian dating sites. It's particularly popular with Western men looking for Russian or Eastern European wives. Although the site is generally well managed, all online dating sites can be dangerous places due to the numerous scammers operating on them. Here's some information about three typical scams that you might encounter while using RussianEuro.

Small Time Dating Site Scams

Many dating scams are operated by Russian ladies themselves. These scammers roam the many Russian dating websites like RussianEuro in order to look for victims. Typically they chat to men in order to get them to send them gifts and small amounts of money.

Although the scam ladies working RussianEuro and other dating sites often only get a few dollars here and there, remember that $10 is quite lot of money in Russia. And many Russian women are ruthlessly efficient at what they do - it's not unusual for a woman to be chatting to dozens of men - all those $10 gifts will then really start to add up.

Men usually work out (eventually!) that these ladies are not suitable wives, so they move on and look for another lady. Actually, that's what should happen! In practice, we men get attached to our ladies we chat to, so it can be hard to move on, even when we have a pretty good idea we're getting scammed.

You'll have to use your own judgement, but if you start sending cash to a Russian lady on a regular basis, you're probably going to regret it later.

African Dating Site Scams

Although both Asian ladies and Russian ladies have got a bad reputation for being online dating scammers, this is often unfair. Many of the dating scams actually operate out of West African countries, so the ladies doing the scamming are:

  • Not either Asian or Russian.
  • In many cases they aren't even female.
  • The profiles of the ladies are usually fake, relying on false information and convincing looking photos stolen from the Flickr photo sharing site, or other sites.

The African internet scam business is bigger than you might think. In some towns and villages in Nigeria and Ghana it is the main source of income for the local population. Formerly the most popular way to scam people over the Internet was the 419 advance fee fraud (where you have to send $100 someone to get your hands on $1,000,000). However, the scammers are now starting to get more interested in dating sites as a place to scam people.

Sites like RussianEuro are very popular with African scammers, so be on your guard. Scammers love the Cupid Media dating sites like RussianEuro because:

  • If you sign up and post a photo of a beautiful Russian lady on RussianEuro her profile will attract a lot of interest from men.
  • Scammers can sign up for a free membership of RussianEuro, and unlike many other Russian dating sites you can contact the paid members even if you're a free member.
  • Sites like RussianEuro have so many members that controlling scammers is virtually impossible as they can sign up faster than the site can remove them.
  • In many cases it takes a scam to take place for a scammer to be identified and removed from a website.
  • Lonely people looking for love are considered easy prey for a scammer.

Thankfully it's possible to avoid the African scammers with a bit of careful planning. Before getting too involved with a woman, make sure you verify which country she's living in. Obviously one option is to stay away from any Russian or Eastern European women claiming to be working overseas (particularly in developing African countries). Do bear in mind however that many Eastern European women do work overseas. For example, tens of thousands of Polish women work in the UK.

As to avoiding these scammers, before getting too involved with anyone you meet on RussianEuro, you must see her on webcam in order to verify that she actually exists. Ignore this advice at your peril - many victims of African dating site scammers were scammed by fake profiles of men and women who didn't actually exist. In the very worst cases reported, the victims lost most of their life savings to the scammers, so take this as a warning! Many victims are often too ashamed to admit to the scam, so it can be assumed that reported dating site frauds are only the tip of the iceberg.

Green Card or Visa Scams

In terms of emotional turmoil, the green card or visa scam is the most dangerous type of Russian dating scam. Marry one of these ladies and your life will be torn apart. It's also much harder to spot than money based scams. Visa scams are operated by ladies who want to leave their country and move to a Western country. One of the best ways of doing this if you're a sexy woman is to marry a man!

Once in your country, your new Russian wife may disappear, or move in with someone she's previously met, or trade you in for a younger fitter man, or get up to any number of other schemes.

This type of scammer takes time to spot, so always take your time with a relationship with anyone you meet on RussianEuro. The easiest way to avoid these types of scams is to move to live with your new bride in her country. Obviously not many men would want to do this, so this is rarely an ideal solution.

A few warning signs include being wary of any women who ask you a lot of information about your house or financial situation. Also be wary of women looking to marry a man of any age (they often have 18-80 listed in their profiles). It's often a good idea to get a prenup agreement if you're worried about financial loss, and it is often a good idea to not get married in the country where you have your assets. Many Western countries allow you to get your Russian lady over to your country on a fiance visa, which is recommended as a way of living with your lady and really getting to know her before you commit to marriage. Only true professional scammers would be able to keep the scam going for this length of time.

Needless to say, never buy a lady an apartment back in her own country - she's likely to disappear back home and have a great time living in the property you've just bought for her!

So if you're thinking of registering for RussianEuro or any of the other Russian dating sites out there, then always be on the alert for scams.


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