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Your Essential Guide to Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

If you're seeking a foreign wife, then it won't be long before you come across one of the many Ukrainian dating sites where you can meet Ukrainian ladies online. But are Ukrainian mail order brides any good, and what are the alternatives?

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

The Ukraine is one of the larger former Soviet countries. Like many of these countries, jobs are hard to come by and there is high unemployment. Add to that the long, bitterly cold winters, and it's not surprising that so many women living in drab Soviet style apartment blocks dream of a new life overseas.

Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Websites

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There are loads of different international Ukrainian singles websites. Which one you choose to use will be up to you. Things to look for when choosing a Ukrainian mail order bride dating site are:

Make sure the site is free to join. Usually they are, so you can login and check them out without spending any money up front.

Make sure the site is secure. I prefer sites hosted in a Western country, and with a postal address and telephone number (not just an online form). I don't like sites where you can see the male profiles without logging in first. This makes it too easy for somebody you know to find out about your search for a Ukrainian mail order bride.

Make sure you know how much the various services cost. Remember that recurring credit card charges can sometimes be incredibly difficult to cancel!

Be wary of sites that charge you every time you send or receive a letter from a lady. These sites make it easy to communicate with a Ukrainian lady who doesn't speak English BUT they are expensive! It's also all too easy for a site to boost income by inventing fake profiles, charging you for translations even if a woman speaks English, or allowing you to write to a lady who might already be in a relationship.

Again, also be wary of sites that charge you for getting a lady's email address.

Don't be taken in by sites telling you that internet access is expensive in Russia. Often they're spinning you stories in order for you to pay for expensive pay per minute webcam services.

There are some very sexy looking dating sites around. Be wary of any site that mentions flirting and chatting - they might not be good places to find marriage minded ladies. As to sites called names like Brides in Bikini, by all means have a good old browse of the photos, but just bear in mind that they're often using sex to make money from expensive chatting services.

Bear in mind that ALL dating sites have problems with scammers. Even and eHarmony have problems. So don't trust any site at all. In time you'll learn to spot the scammers. Ukrainian scammers aren't always that sophisticated, and many of them use the same old tricks. Read up on anti-scams and you'll be pretty safe.

If you're serious about finding a Ukrainian wife, then look for Russian language classes in your local area. Once you can write a bit of Russian then it gives you a valuable advantage - you can impress the ladies no end, and you can easily spot African dating site scammers pretending to be Russian ladies.

Ukrainian Scam Ladies

Dating sites are plagued with scammers. Lonely people looking for love are popular targets for scams. It's quite probable that in your search for a Ukrainian bride you'll come across scam ladies. The main thing to remember is never to send money to anyone you meet on a dating site. Yes life is hard in the Ukraine, but a decent woman will cope without your help. Just be on the lookout for girls giving you sob stories and complaining how hard life is in Russia.

Of course many ladies are just after a green card or visa. These ladies aren't always easy to spot. Clues include them putting in their profile that they want to move to a specific country. They'll also complain about life in their own country. They might also ask a lot of questions about your house and income levels. At the end of the day this is just a risk you have to take with foreign brides. But if you have any suspicions about your Ukrainian lady then make sure you inform your immigration authorities. You don't want to risk getting into trouble with your authorities, otherwise you may find it impossible to find another foreign bride.

Russian Mail Order Brides

When you're looking for a Russian mail order bride, you'll soon discover that many dating sites blur the distinction between Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European brides. In fact there aren't too many Russian dating sites that only have girls from Russia itself listed in their catalog. The majority of Russian dating sites have ladies from a wide range of former Soviet countries listed on them. In fact, Ukrainian ladies are particularly numerous on most Russian dating sites, and in many cases they actually out-number the Russian ladies.

Alternatives to Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Obviously ladies look fairly similar regardless of what former Soviet country they come from. So if you're primarily interested in looks then you don't often want to be too choosy about which country you find a bride from. As well as Ukraine, other former Soviet countries where it's easy to find mail order brides from include Belarus and Moldova.

Looking further afield, obviously Asian mail order brides are tremendously popular. Western men love little brown girls from Thailand. But increasing numbers of men are also finding Asian brides from China. Chinese ladies tend to be paler skinned and taller than Thai or Filipina women. The ones you'll encounter on Asian mail order bride types of sites also tend to be highly educated and have reasonable jobs in China. If you like Russian women but also like Asian women then you'll find that there are many exotically beautiful Russian women from the regions where China borders Russia. These weren't always easy to travel to. But countries like Kazakhstan and Mongolia are rich in natural resources and increasingly important for agriculture, so they're opening up to the outside world. I've been lucky enough to meet ladies from these regions. I've got to tell you that a lady that looks Asian but speaks Russian - wow, that is some lady!

As well as Asia, mail order brides from Central and South America are increasingly popular. If you like spicy Latin women with curves to die for, then why not look for a bride from one of these countries? It's often less far to travel, and Latin women are much more used to American culture. Spanish or Portuguese are also much easier to learn compared to Russian or the other Eastern European languages.

So if you want to find a Ukrainian mail order bride, then sign up to a few of the Ukrainian dating websites and see which one you like best. Be on the lookout for scammers, but don't be too paranoid. Enjoy your search for a loving Ukrainian wife online!


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